5 interior design tips to invigorate your office workspace

Interior design can be extremely underestimated in a workplace. Walking into a dull and colourless office space can make it easy for workers in your company to clock off and become demotivated. You spend the majority of your life working, and you need to be able to make sure that workers and colleagues are in the right mindset to be productive. Ask any commercial property agent and they’ll agree that when buying property it can require a great deal of work. Here are some useful tips that will benefit team morale, productivity and even the reputation of your company.

Colour choice is key

The colour of a room can have a great effect on moods and feelings of individuals. You wouldn’t want a room that’s too dark that it makes the room feel enclosed and restricted. At the same time, you also need to make sure that the office space doesn’t feel to open and spread out. You need to get the right kind of balance. Therefore go for colours that fit the size of your office space and it’s details. If the office lacks windows, use colour schemes that’ll help reflect light like an off white colour. To reflect positivity and happiness, go for a light violet colour that brews positivity.

Consider the flooring

It doesn’t just stop at the walls. Consider what’s below too and think of the types of flooring you can choose that’ll bring an added extra flavour to the workspace. For example, carpet tiles could be used which provides extra flexibility in terms of the design. They can come in different shapes, styles and colours so it’ll be easy to be creative with your preference. A real benefit of carpet tiles is that if you ever get bored of them, they can be easily replaced. Especially if they start to get worn and run down.

Alternative Furniture

Long gone are the days of typical work office chairs and desks in the modern workspace. Many companies are providing a relaxed work space so that staff and colleagues can obtain a relaxed mindset when dealing with their work. Some pieces of furniture that are deemed extremely popular include beanbags and sofas, especially for the chill out areas or break out rooms. Your employees are the most important part of your business, so making sure they’re comfortable in their surroundings should be your number 1 priority.

Embrace the natural environment

The influx of the outdoors provides a sense of open space and fresh air. Plants are a great addition to the commercial workspace and they don’t even have to be the traditional plant in a pot either. Vines can be incorporated up the walls or a small veg patch can be grown in a small area of the office. It’s known for natural plants are visually stimulating for employees to look at.

Functionality in a room

It’s likely that throughout the day your employees are filled to the brim with work and running around to make sure that deadlines are met. Your office space needs to be appealing on the eye in that case so staff don’t become flustered and beat down. One way to make their life easier is considering the functionality of the environment. For example, they could be walking toward a door whilst their two hands are full with files and a coffee. Provide a stand near the door so they can rest the coffee on their to provide a free hand to open the door. Any little adjustments like this will always feel like a helping hand for your staff.

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