What Makes A Good Shop Front?

A good showcase attracts the eye, makes a passer-by stop, tells a story and invites him to come into the store. Creating such a window is a challenge in itself, and no doubt it takes time and money. But what can you do to get a showcase to bring a customer to the store?   […]

FAQs about Sudoku

Sudoku is life, life is Sudoku, and these indeed come along with several questions. So, here we try and answer a few of those commonly asked: What is Sudoku? Sudoku is a logic-based single-player puzzle that’s played on a grid with the help of a few numbers sprinkled all over to obtain a unique solution. […]

Top 4 Reasons to Own Land

The real estate industry is thriving and is becoming a lucrative business venture. Most people think of a real estate investment as only rental properties and commercial properties. Some people think of raw land as an investment. In the end, many miss out on great investment opportunities. Land ownership is a great investment opportunity for […]

Sustainable Trends for 2020

Sustainability is mainstream. The surge in environmentally-conscious businesses, products, and activities is great news for our planet. Plastic-free shops are opening in every town around the country, flights are being replaced with slower alternatives, and zero waste culture is growing. Coupled with widespread green movements, such as the infamous Extinction Rebellion protests, the environment is […]