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Eaves troughs: big return for little cost and care

Take care of your eaves troughs. For their reasonable cost and longevity, eavestroughs return their investment in spades. They protect your home’s foundation from water damage and provide a polished look to any exterior. In terms of resale, well-maintained gutters tell prospective buyers you

An Abbreviated Guide to the Sustainable Workplace

Sustainability is all the rage these days. Hybrid and all-electric vehicles are increasingly plentiful on the roads, solar panels adorn ever-more homes and businesses, and major corporations can’t stop talking about what good environmental stewards they are. Everything’s coming up roses — or would

How A Well Decorate Home Can Keep You Healthy

As some entrepreneurs push for profit, many others have begun pushing for change through business models that are socially responsible and sustainable. These social entrepreneurshave affected change in a multitude of important industries, including technology, science, government and healthcare.In fact, social entrepreneurial endeavors in

5 Renovation Projects Worth the Investment

With the economy and consumer confidence improving, it’s a great time to take your renovation project off the rear burner, and put it back on the table. Renovations do more than make your home look great. They increase its market value, improve energy efficiency

Tips for Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Summer is coming, and with it comes higher electricity bills when air conditioners are switched on. Here are some tips anyone can use to lower their energy bills, no matter what the season. 1. Block the Sun During summer weather, lower your shades to