Painless Ways to Go Green

From everyday living to homemade products and travel ideas, there is a limitless amount of information available for anyone attempting to practice green living. The federal government has created programs such as ENERGY STAR and Energy Saver to help consumers find eco-friendly appliances and

Minimize trash from the home: Top Tips

In the US the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that Americans generated approximately 251 million tons of trash each year and the figure is constantly rising. The need for recycling is greater than ever before, and residential trash removal is becoming big business.  

How Green Is Your Pet?

You’ve probably heard of a wide variety of ways to be more environmentally friendly in your own doings. Perhaps you’ve incorporated many of those changes, such as driving less, purchasing items secondhand and selecting products with minimal packaging. Have you ever thought about how

Tips for Undertaking an Eco-Friendly Remodel

While minor refurbishments can make many older homes energy-efficient, sometimes you have to do major renovations. Unfortunately, renovation can have an impact on the environment – new materials may have environmentally toxic finishes, old materials end up as landfill, and there’s also the risk

Problem Solved: Garden Storage Solutions

Just like inside the home, gardens can become cluttered and messy almost before you have the chance to do something about it. In a similar fashion to bedroom carpets being filled with clothes, books, DVDs and other items; gardens can quickly be filled with