Low Impact Living

How to Ensure a Home Is Energy Efficient

More homeowners and construction companies are aware of the importance of creating energy-efficient homes. In many cases, older homes have to be modified to cater for this. New builds are now being designed to conserve much more energy than their older counterparts. In order

Labour-saving Hacks for Career Couples

If you’re at that stage where work is your life and it’s more a case of living to work, than the other way round, you can’t afford to spend time on tedious, domestic chores. Any spare hours should be spent on leisure activities. Here

Get That Walk-in Closet on a Budget

Most women would agree (and quite a few men, if they were honest) that every bedroom should have a walk-in wardrobe. Some new-builds incorporate them or you could pay a joiner to build one, at significant cost. If you’re on a budget, there’s a

Outdoor solar lights for a beautiful garden

When people talk about lighting we usually think about lighting items used in our home. However, lighting is equally important for the outdoor areas including our gardens. In case you are interested in outdoor lights that don’t require much maintenance and don’t require complex

Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

Replacing the windows in your home is expensive, so you definitely want to make sure your timing is correct. Here are some tips to help you decide if replacement is the right choice, or if some maintenance will get the job done. If your