Low Impact Living

Money Is Not the Only Thing Worth Saving

Save-the-planet campaigns often come off sounding a bit shrill and silly. Perhaps that is why the general population doesn’t take them seriously. After all, strictly speaking, the planet doesn’t need saving. It was doing just fine before we humans entered the picture, and will

The Secret to a Super Clean Home

Life is hard, you’re busy. If that doesn’t sound like you, you aren’t me or any of my friends, because we are all pushing it to the limit, let me tell you. Assuming this is the way you live your life, too, it’s also

5 Unique Gardening Ideas

If you are one of those people with a natural green thumb, then you probably don’t need help with gardening ideas. Your gardens are ripe with home grown veggies, overflowing flower beds with the right bulbs planted, and indoor greenhouses that blow your friends’