Low Impact Living

Have your next party under a patio!

It has often been claimed that great backyards are almost an integral part of the Aussie homes. And, for most of the Aussies out there, a house ceases to be a home without a traditional patio, bolstering outdoor living in a major way. You

Life On A Farm Is Simple, But Tough

If you want to know the difference between living in town or on a farm, then it helps to read E.B. White, the gentleman farmer and essayist known for his children’s books and his work with The New Yorker magazine. E.B. White worked in

Hire a Contractor or Attempt DIY?

Summer is in full swing, and everyone is staying busy. The kids are participating in camps, families are taking vacations to the beach and outdoor festivals can be found almost every weekend. Summertime also means that you are probably having people over and entertaining