Home Energy Audit: An overview

Getting a clear picture of you home energy usage can help ensure you are on the correct energy tariff for your family’s electricity usage. So let’s start with the basics, there are commonly 7 areas which make up a home’s energy use profile: 38%

Essential Facts on External Wall Insulation

Are you thinking of insulating your external wall? Here’s what you should know Most people have heard of cavity wall insulation but what if you have solid walls? The type of insulation you can have depends on various factors and sub-factors, such as whether


Although most historic buildings are energy efficient (the structures made with hand-made bricks provide a high level of insulation) to a certain degree, new energy saving regulations calls for further improvement to the energy performance of homes and buildings. Most homes in the UK

Top 5 armchairs currently on the market

There’s certainly no shortage of armchairs for you to choose from these days. However, many of these items are very similar in terms of appearance and function. If you’re on the lookout for something a little different, take a look at these five top