Innovative Ways to Refurnish your Rented Home


Across the world, people are increasingly opting to rent a home rather than buy. In places, like the UK, the cost of houses has risen faster than wages. As a result, many people find themselves unable to get a mortgage, so cannot get onto the housing ladder. In other countries, like America, people need to move more than they once did to be able to find work. Because of this, they find renting a property more practical than buying.

Whatever the reason, more of us are living in rented accommodation. Because of the way the law works, a lot of these flats, houses and rooms are unfurnished.

For a tenant this can be problematic. In a way, it is nice, because it give you a chance to put your stamp on your new home. However, it can cause problems, as well.

It means that tenants who go out and buy new furniture, have to take it with then when they move. The problem is that many people struggle to find similar accommodation when they move, which means the furniture they have bought may not fit, or be suitable. In that situation, people end up having to store their stuff, which can work out expensive.

Fortunately, there is more than one way to furnish your home. The suggestions we make below are ideal for those people who have to move on a regular basis.

Hire your furniture

If you know that you are not going to be staying long, using a home furniture hire service can be a good option. Companies that lease out furniture to developers will often rent to private individuals too. Using their services is a good way to get your hands on good quality items for a great price. That way when your short-term lease ends, you just need to give them a call. They then come and pick everything up, so it is a virtually hassle way to furnish your home.

Take advantage of recycling schemes

Another good way to do it is to find a local recycling charity that covers your area. Many of them take unwanted items of furniture from people in the area. They then give these items away to people who want them.

If you have access to a van, you can pick the items up yourself, which means you can get everything you need free of charge. Should you not have access to suitable transport most recycling organisations will deliver for you. Some may charge a small fee to cover the cost of petrol and labour, or ask for a donation.

You can use websites like this one to find organisations that offer this service, in your local area.

Buy used furniture

Another good option is to buy used furniture. You can find it advertised for sale in local newspapers, in shop windows and on supermarket classifieds boards, as well as online. Local buy and sell Facebook pages are also a great way to find what you want.

As you can see furnishing a house or room that you may not be living in for very long is far easier, and cheaper, than you think. You just need to consider all of the options.

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