What type of functions should be performed on an AC preventative maintenance?

Preventive maintenance done by a reliable services like the ones at is crucial for any HVAC system’s functioning. It ensures that the cooling and heating unit runs all season properly long, with no unexpected surprises. This explains why every homeowner should prioritize regular maintenance of their residential or commercial hvac installation. After having your HVAC system by professionals from it is still best to bring in HVAC technicians every few months to check if everything is working as it should is the secret to having a properly functioning HVAC unit for years. During such maintenance sessions, professional air conditioner repair is done, and other problems are fixed before they escalate to serious levels. But what are some of the common preventive maintenance activities that HVAC professionals focus on? Keep reading for more insight.

DIY Preventive Maintenance

Not all maintenance should be left for the HVAC technicians. There are a few other practices that a homeowner can do regularly to enhance the functionality of their HVAC unit. Performing these functions ensures your cooling and heating unit always runs smoothly. You can leave the major routines for the HVAC technician. Some of the simple practices you ought to do at home include:

  • Monthly filter changes. Learn to tell when the unit’s filters are due for a change. Modern units have an indicator that you could monitor. Changing filters and having regular air duct cleaning improve air circulation and minimize pollution, hence should be prioritized.
  • Clearing debris from the outdoor HVAC unit. This will ensure there is adequate air circulation around the outdoor unit.
  • Cleaning the unit with a hosepipe when dirt begins to accumulate
  • Eliminating any barriers (especially outdoors) that could hinder airflow. This may mean trimming down hedges.
  • Keeping vents and return registers unblocked. Remove all furniture and drapes that maybe get in the way of sufficient airflow.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

Besides the things you could do on your own regularly, a few should be left to the professionals. These may require an HVAC technician with HVAC Training HQ certification. They could also be risky to attempt without adequate knowledge of how to do it. They include:

  • Cleaning and adjusting of unit’s dampers
  • Checking the system’s controls to verify that they are working. This enhances safety.
  • Monitoring the air intake and airflow. These tend to affect the overall functioning of the entire heating and cooling unit, so it ought to be perfect.
  • Inspecting the filters. You may contact an ac service company technician to check the filters to determine if they are the right type and size. While you may be changing filters regularly, if they are not meant for the unit or are the wrong size, they may not serve their intended purpose. The HVAC professional ensures that you have the right filtration system and recommends an upgrade if need be.
  • Verifying that the system has the proper levels of refrigerant
  • Cleaning and adjusting the blower
  • Checking the electric control. The goal is to ensure the heating or cooling system functions as it should.
  • Lubricating parts. Every moving part of the unit and unsealed immovable parts need to be lubricated. This minimizes friction and reduces wear and tear, thus improving the system’s longevity.
  • Testing the thermostat to ensure that it is cycling as it should. Professional HVAC services should adjust the settings if there is a need.
  • Cleaning the unit’s interior and ensuring no debris could clog it.
  • Inspect the fan, belts, and bearings for adequate tightness. This has an impact on the longevity of the unit.
  • Checking the fuel line connections

In the end, knowing what to do as a homeowner and what to leave for the HVAC professionals makes a huge difference in the unit’s maintenance. Homeowners who need professional ac tune up services available in Tucson, AZ may contact companies like Tailored Mechanical.

Regular air conditioning service will help you minimize repairs, guarantee safe equipment operation, lower energy bills, and prolong the unit’s lifespan, among other benefits. Make sure to prioritize maintenance at all times. You may consider hiring 7 services Inc. Furnace maintenance for professional services.

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