What size hot water system do you need for your home?

It’s never a good thing to run out of hot water in your home. This is why before having a water heater installation, you need to make sure that the water heating system you have is capable of heating sufficient hot water for the needs of the entire household. Obviously, the needs of a couple living in a property are different from those of a large family.

We are going to take a look at what you need to consider when you are deciding on the size of a water system for your home. We are going to consider this decision for both tankless water systems and those where a tank is used.

If you have a tankless water system in your home

If you have a tankless water system in your home you need to know how much water temperature rise is required as well as what flow rate is needed throughout your home, in order for you to determine the optimum size of water heater for the property.

The first thing to do is work out the required flow rate for all of the devices which are going to be in use in your home. The flow rate is the number of gallons of water that are used by a certain device in one minute. This means that if your dishwasher and shower are likely to be in use at the same time you need to add their flow rates together to determine the overall flow rate for your home.images38

Once you know the flow rate that is needed you need to work out what temperature rise is required. All you need to do to work out the required rise is subtract the temperature of the water that is going into the system from the temperature it needs to be after heating. Different sized water heaters produce different flow rates and different temperature rises. Once you know the figures for your home you can choose the right water heating system for the job.

If you have a water system that uses a tank

Our friends at Water Heater Hub recommend when you are investing in a hot water heater for your home, the guidelines should include information about how much hot water the heater can supply to your hot water tank in one hour. This means that you will be starting with a full tank of hot water. You then need to work out how much hot water the people living in the property use in a peak usage hour.

You do this by working out which devices will be in use and multiplying the amount of water required by each device when it is used by the number of times it is used in the peak hour. This way you can work out the overall amount of hot water required in the property during that peak hour. And don’t forget about having annual water heater repair and maintenance as well. An expert plumber from water heater repair in Greenville, SC may come to help you and provide professional residential or commercial water heater repair services.

You can see that it’s relatively simple to work out what size of heating system you need for your home. If you do have any problems with your calculations then it’s often a good idea to speak to professionals such as Plumbing Detectives to get the benefit of their expertise. This way you can be sure of investing in a hot water system that is big enough to provide enough hot water for the entire household. Take advantage of the possibility of free boiler with

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