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What Role Does A Public Adjuster Play? Is It Necessary to Hire A Professional?

Insurance claims adjuster are of three types including staff adjusters, independent adjusters, and public adjusters. The first and second types of work for the insurers. The public adjusters are the ones that represent the policy-holder. They evaluate property damages and help the policy-holder file a claim. With their skills and experience, you can get more value from your insurance policy coverage.

What is the role of a public insurance adjuster? 

A public adjuster is an expert in insurance policy laws and regulations. They even help to file and adjust the claim. With good knowledge about construction and associated fields, they undertake an evaluation of your home damages. They have better knowledge than an average homeowner to estimate the repair cost. The professionals are aware of the initial submission process and extra claims. They perform the tasks on behalf of a policy-holder.

The evaluation, implementation and submission process of a claim is very exhaustive. The level of detail needed to fill the form is complex. Each property and claims differ, so accurate details are crucial. The public insurance adjuster even helps policy-holders to negotiate with the contractors. Moreover, they even negotiate settlements with the insurer.

Is it necessary to hire a public insurance adjuster?

A policyholder does not have to lose much if you hire a public insurance adjuster. Many adjusters offer free property visits to help you determine the damage severity and whether to file a claim or not. You may be confident of the property loss value but it is wise to go for a second opinion. There are cases where the homeowners accidentally undervalued their loss worth.

For example, if a section of the roof got damaged severely due to storm you miscalculated the new roof cost by neglecting the cost of damaged roof removal. So, it is crucial to submit accurate details in the claim and get the right amount from the insurer to cover the cost of repairs to the house.

Remember, even the best insurers will not pay more voluntarily than the amount you claimed for. Professional public insurance adjusters can help you claim the right amount.

The cost of hiring public insurance adjuster cost

The public insurance adjuster charges a percentage on the amount of claim approved by the insurance provider. The fee percentage differs and is capped by the state law. In Florida, the fees cannot be more than 20% on a supplemental or reopened claim limit. Some adjusters collect fixed fees per claim.

Tips to hire a good public insurance adjuster

Check if the potential public insurance adjuster can practice legally. They need to be a license-holder and even carry insurance. Avoid an attorney or contractor who offers claim adjustment services but has no license. License is a crucial benchmark of qualification and knowledge.

Ask the adjuster company, who will handle your claim process. Working with a single adjuster is your comfort zone, but in a firm, there is a team with different levels of expertise and skills. It is a good thing because the adjuster who was sent for evaluation of the hurricane damage the first time was followed with a more experienced adjuster. The firm may believe that the other adjuster will be more capable of handling the complex hurricane damages claim process.

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