What Is The Best Mattress For Those Who Suffer From Allergies?

If allergies are keeping you up at night, you should consider taking a closer look at your mattress. The main culprit of bedtime allergies may be dust mites. These tiny little creatures can cause allergic reactions such as watery eyes, itching, sneezing, and wheezing.

Allergies are caused by dust mite feces instead of the dust mites themselves. To prevent an allergic reaction, it’s important that you select the right mattress. In this post, you will learn about the best and the worst type of mattresses for allergy sufferers.

Best Mattresses for Allergy Suffers

The best mattresses recommended by experts for allergy prevention include memory foam and latex mattresses (if you do not have an allergy to latex). The components of these foams are not conducive to the growth of dust mites. The tightly packed foams have no metal or plastic components. As a result, they don’t attract dust mites due to which, you will not suffer any allergic reaction. You can find discount mattresses but good quality when you visit this website.

Of the two mattresses, memory foam is generally better as it has improved hypoallergenic properties. Memory foam mattresses such as the Tempur-Pedic brand found at Las Vegas NV – are so dense that dust mites are unlikely to survive in the material. In addition, bacteria and dirt are less liable to accumulate on the foam. But it is also wise to consider a mattress protector to give ultimate protection and longevity to your mattress.

Mattresses Allergy Suffers Should Avoid

Allergy sufferers should avoid coil mattresses. Due to the inner spring system, coil mattresses are more likely to attract dirt and dust. The inner cavity of these mattresses is the best spot for dust mites resulting in the accumulation of dead skin cells and facies of the dust mites resulting in an allergy.

The high humidity inside the cavity also results in the formation of mould and mildew. This is the reason that traditional coil mattresses tend to become heavier after about 10 years of use.

Other Tips to Avoid Allergy at Night

Apart from choosing the right mattress, there are other things you can do to prevent dust mites from causing an allergy. Pillow tops are the ideal environment for dust mites. You should consider buying a mattress cover to prevent the formation of dust. In addition, you can look into a complete mattress cover to create a barrier for dust mites and other irritants.

Another important tip is to vacuum the mattress regularly. The old vacuum cleaner broke but I went to for advice on buying a new one. Also, you should wash the mattress with very hot or cold water. If this is not possible, you should use special Allergen Wash detergents to remove dust mites. Taking these steps will result in less allergic reactions and reduce the need for asthma reactions during the night.




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