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Ways to Prepare Home for Sale

Selling a home can be exciting. If a big move is coming up, there will be a lot of factors to balance. First, consider these tips for some of the best ways to prep a house for the market. If there are some projects that have been postponed or procrastinated on, consider finding a handyman Columbus has to offer. While it might seem like there are countless things to do before a home can be sold, these steps will make the process a bit smoother.


This might seem a bit counterintuitive as the focus should ultimately be on the home itself. However, landscaping contributes to what real estate folks refer to as curb appeal. Making the home attractive from the moment someone pulls up can make a difference. Landscaping can help make a house seem more like a home and show that a space has been cared for. Landscaping doesn’t have to entail a significant overhaul of a property. Rather, this can look like something as simple as trimming the grass and hedges and planning for some seasonal plants during the time the home will be shown.

Neutralize Colors

Decorating is a very personal part of the process, and for that reason it is a good idea to neutralize some of the colors inside the home. This applies to paint colors on walls, certainly, but also to bright and bold furniture. This can also sometimes be referred to as “staging.” This allows the person considering the home to envision their own life in the house, which can be an unconscious deciding factor.

Clean Interior

Even the most thorough cleaners could consider bringing in professionals to deep clean the interior of the home. Not only does this ensure that all angles are touched, it can also save some time and costs in other places. An item that might seem like it needs replacing might actually just need a deep clean from a professional. Put on the finishing touches by de-cluttering and removing personal flourishes.

Clean Exterior

Similarly, the exterior of the house deserves a good clean as well. Bringing in a team to pressure wash a home can freshen the feel of a house significantly. Additionally, this doesn’t just ensure that the house appears as clean as possible to new eyes. Rather, homeowners should be incentivized to deep clean the exterior because professionals often say that this can add thousands of dollars in potential value to a home. These factors will add up to a sparkling home ready for the next family.

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