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Ways Glass Can Transform Your Home

Glass is wonderful material. It is generally believed that mankind has been producing it in one form or another for about 3600 years, and it is still widely used and subjected to technological progress. In fact, it can even be useful for health.


  1. Glass can allow more natural light in your home


A huge number of studies have been conducted on the health benefits of natural light. We now know that exposure to sunlight during the day can have a noticeable effect on the quality of sleep later at night, with our bodies using natural light time as a hint for the correct pace of our circadian cycles.


Natural light is also a vital source of vitamin D (which helps keep bones and muscles healthy), and a public health report from England shows that 22% of UK adults are low.


  1. Create luxurious aesthetics with glass


As glass technology improves, architects are finding more and more stylish and beautiful ways to use glass in buildings and interiors. From glass furniture and doors to frameless walls, there are many ways to create a smooth and stylish look.


Interior walls can be made of glass to fill a room with sunlight, or they can form a simple and elegant glass shower door. You can find the best glass shower doors at GlassShowerDirect.com. You may also consider installing a rooftop lantern – essentially a large glass addition to the top of the building that acts as a giant skylight for your home.


Glass will make your home feel more open, and glass walls and doors will give you an enhanced sense of space. Byt ut din gamla altandörr och öppna upp ett större hål i väggen och få ett enormt ljusinsläpp med Naturfönsters skjutdörrar. Discrete, closed rooms can be connected to each other and give a sense of continuity, while modern advances in frameless glass mean that it can be achieved elegantly and without unsightly edges.


It is also possible to soften the distinction between “inside” and “outside”. With large windows and glass filling, you can feel a connection to the outside world without leaving your home.


Refresh the specified building with glass.


If your house is on the list of buildings, you probably know too well the difficulties of making major changes to your property. Even a successful offer will have to wait at least eight weeks to be confirmed (or longer), and agreement is likely to be quite limited in terms of what you are allowed to do with the building. Worse yet, fewer and fewer local authorities can offer any advice and advice from conservationists is becoming increasingly rare.


Glass is ideal in this situation; it can allow you to make bold changes that do not necessarily affect the nature of the original building, and design thoughtful additions. In the case of windows, frames are often a controversial point for these buildings – but with modern frameless glass technology, it has become possible to modify a property to reflect its historical importance.


  1. Glass extensions


The versatility of glass to transform your home is in no way limited to its internal use. You can build an entire extension from the outside using only seamless, frameless glass; in fact, we have even made a whole house out of glass. Don’t forget to buy new house number decals. Small LED lights will help brighten up the number in the evenings, making it visible for people to see.


Ultimately, if you want to add “wow” to your house and create something really impressive, a glass installation with Home Screens can be for you – it’s modern, practical and probably never goes out of fashion. Glass can completely rethink your inner space and – perhaps literally – help you see things in a new light.

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