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Unique Ways To Make Your House Stand Out

Whether you live in a house or another space, you want your living space to stand out and not be like all the others. You want to be able to decorate your home in ways that no one else has been able to think of so that when people come to your home, they enter with eyes wide, impressed by what they see. They will leave your home telling you that it is a place that is worth being in a magazine.

While this sounds all well and good, actually decorating your home in a way that not many other people have thought of can be tricky and sound like too much to take on. You will have a lot of decisions to make from what floor types to use to the best barn door pulls to install, but it can actually be more simple than you think.

Below, you will find some helpful home decor tips that will make your home stand out.

Paint your ceilings

This tip only works if you already have high ceilings. If your ceilings are high, take a bright colored paint and do not stop at the walls, keep on going all the way up. When you add a pop of bright color to your ceiling, it causes people to look up, makes your room look larger, and adds an interesting focal point to the room that people normally would never have noticed in the first place.

Try your hand at color blocking a space

Color blocking is a new concept that many people are almost too scared to take on and with good reason. Color blocking can be a challenging design concept and you have to work to get it just right. For this design technique to work, you will find a piece of furniture that you love, and paint the walls to match its color thus creating a singular colored look in the space. The key to making this design concept work is to use different patterns throughout the room with things like lampshades, pictures, rugs, etc. You can break it up and use complementary pops of color in the room to tie it all together and make it look truly stunning.

Change up how you hang your drapes

If you go walk into your living room or bedroom right now and look at your windows, you will probably notice that your drapes are hung from the top of the window and go down to the floor. In order to add height to the room and make it looks bigger than it is, as well as a dramatic statement to look at, hang your drapes at the very top of the wall where the wall meets the ceiling. Make sure that it is long enough to cascade all the way down to the floor. This is a concept that not many people know about and it may seem bold, but it is an easy, ten-minute project that will add instant drama to your room and make it look more elegant than ever without much effort.

Paint the trim on your doors

In most houses that you have been in, chances are that you have noticed that the trim on every door in your house is painted white. One way to really take people who come into your home by complete surprise it by putting bright colored paint in places that no one thinks about painting. When you add a paint color to the trim on all of your doorways, you give your space an instant artsy, yet sophisticated look. It makes the space less static and gives you a subtle way to bring more colors into your home without being too much in your face. Just wait until you have people over and they see pops of color every time they open a new door or walk through a doorway!

Decorating the home is becoming more entertaining and bold all the time. The biggest thing to remember is to not shy away from being bold and taking chances with bright colors and fun patterns. Learn to have fun with your design and the end result will speak for itself.

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