Types of Ovens and Their Characteristics

Oven cooking has been around for centuries. You can make a wide variety of dishes in an oven: pizza, cakes, roasts and so much more. You can also buy an outdoor pizza oven to bake your favorite pizza. You may visit an Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Sale center to explore various outdoor kitchen appliances.

Ovens are versatile cooking aids where you can adjust the temperature to your desired level to achieve the perfect dish. There are several types of ovens with their own characteristics you may want to learn about.

Wood fired

A commercial wood fired oven or one used at home requires wood to build a fire. Hardwood such as oak and birch are the most common types of wood used. Using this type of oven requires more time to build a fire, from 45 minutes up to as long as three hours. What wood fired ovens have that others don’t is the added smoky flavour and aroma that they bring to the food. The wood used in cooking gives off a distinct warmth and flavour which makes the food taste and smell better.


Convection ovens make use of fans to circulate the heat inside them, which results in even and faster cooking. A lower temperature is also required when using convection ovens, which ensures that the food does not get burned.


Gas powered ovens tend to be on the pricier side, but the savings on energy consumption over time will offset the cost of the unit. They require a connection to a gas line, so if you have an existing line at home then you don’t have to spend on the installation of a gas line. This propane gas sales near me provides versatile energy source used by more than 12.6 million U.S. households for space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying and more. In outdoor spaces, residential propane is a widely used energy source for outdoor grills, lighting, and heating for pools and spas. When electricity goes out, propane is often the energy source that powers standby generators.


Electric ovens cook food by heating elements placed around the oven being heated to the desired temperature. They may be less expensive than gas ovens, but the electricity consumption will be greater. They can cook food evenly, and quite easily. They are equipped with buttons that you have to press to achieve the desired temperature setting. They are also easy to clean and maintain.


Self-cleaning ovens are for those who have extra money to spare. They function the same as other ovens, distributing heat and cooking food evenly, but the main characteristic that sets them apart is their ‘self-cleaning’ capability. Food debris left inside the oven is charred until it becomes ashes, then you only have to sweep them out to dispose of them.

Before buying an oven, determine its usage and other factors such as economy and functionality to land the best type that will most be suitable for your needs. Ask friends who have used these types of oven for feedback that can help you decide. The versatility of oven cooking allows users to create a variety of dishes that they can serve to family and guests.


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