Types of Outdoor Patio Cushions

When it comes to filling for a foam cushion for a deck or patio, you want to find a balance of materials that are comfortable yet durable and water-resistant. They need to be able to be kept outside most of the time and still be able to function properly when you want to use them.

The Foam Factory is here to breakdown several types of foam commonly used to fill outdoor patio cushions.

Compressed Polyester

While not actually foam by definition, this is a good foam alternative. It will not disintegrate or yellow over time, but it does compress with long-term use. Some offerings of compressed polyester are also mildew-resistant and hypoallergenic, a great option for people with seasonal allergies.

Polyurethane Foam

This is an excellent choice for a cushion with outdoor foam because it is affordable and has a medium firmness, so it won’t compress as much as the polyester option mentioned above. However, it’s important that the polyurethane foam does not get too wet because the individual foam cells will soak the water right up, making it difficult to dry out. These types of cushions should be stored in a deck box or similar container to keep them dry when it rains.

Open Cell Foam

This type of foam allows water and air to flow through it easily, making it a good option for new cushions for patio furniture. Specialized open cell foam types, such as Dry Fast, are formulated with antimicrobial substances that resist mold and mildew growth. This is the best option for outdoor patio cushions because they hold up to the sun, rain and even snow.

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