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Tips for Finding the Best Roofing Contractor in Denver

Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding areas are no strangers to bizarre weather. One minute, it could be 90 degrees and sunny, and the next, there’s a torrential downpour and hail. Naturally, storm damage can do a number on your shingles or even the entire roof.

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Whether you need a roofing repair or are looking into a new roof altogether, finding a roofing company that will do a great job is incredibly important. There are a few things you should look for in a roofing contractor if the Colorado weather has impacted your roof.

1. Quality of work is important.

You may think a quick Google search for “roofing contractor Denver” will provide you with all the information you need. While the internet is a good start, you need to dig a little deeper. When you’re deciding on a Denver roofing contractor, you need to look through their online reviews. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if there are any complaints. Look for key phrases like “great job,” “premier roofing company,” “best roofing company”, and visit roofing company websites like https://bellroofcompany.com/ and read their customer reviews. Reviews can help you root through some less-than-satisfactory contractors. When looking for quality of work and materials when it comes to roofing, a reputable roofing services similar to Plano Roofing Company has it!

2. Look for free roof inspections.

Before you even file an insurance claim, you need to know the kind of damage your roof has sustained. Free inspections used to be an industry norm but many Denver roofers have changed their tune. Instead of offering a complimentary appraisal of your roof, some Denver roofers are charging higher and higher inspection fees. While this isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, those costs can add up if you have to contact multiple Denver roofing companies to find the right fit. Plus, a free inspection is often indicative of quality customer service and a willingness to help.

3. Know cost differences between types of roofs.

In the roofing industry, there are definite differences in pricing and needs for different types of roofs. Whether you’re dealing with residential roofing or commercial roofing could impact your choice of Denver roofers. Some Denver roofers focus exclusively on commercial roofing. Often, their websites will say “commercial roofing contractor” somewhere prominently. However, if you’re living in a house or duplex, you’ll want to look for a Denver roofing contractor that handles residential needs. There are also differences between the styles of roofs. Some roofs are made with asphalt shingles. Others are flat roofs. Often, it’s easiest to look for a full-service roofing contractor if you’re not sure if you need a roof replacement or repair.

4. Look for a roofing contractor that your insurance prefers.

Depending on the damage, an insurance claim will be a moot point. However, it never hurts to contact your insurance company and see if they know of any residential roofing services that they particularly recommend for storm damage. If your insurance company is involved, this can sometimes lead to better customer satisfaction since they’ll help you navigate the roof repair process. Just make sure that all the information on your roof — including when it was last repaired or replaced — is available to your insurance company.

5. Ask for local referrals.

Have a friend in Boulder or Greeley who knows of a few Denver roofers they’d recommend? You should ask them about a local roofing contractor. Of course, the opposite stands, too. If you have a family member in, say, Kansas City that just got a new roof, they probably won’t know a whole lot about Denver roofers. Referrals are a great way to find a premier roofing company that you can trust. You still need to do your own research on the contractor, but this is a solid start.

Finding a Denver roofing contractor for roof repair doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Especially if you’re dealing with storm damage, you probably have enough on your plate as it is. As long as it’s a company you can trust, you’re in good hands.

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