The Architectural Capabilities with a Custom Timber Frame House Plan

There are many advantages to designing and building custom timber frame house plans, especially when compared to post and beam construction. Let’s begin by outlining the characteristics and qualities of post and beam construction.

Post and Beam Construction: Simple, Yet, Unreliable

Post and beam construction is very simple in its orientation and structural design. It is the most ancient form of a building concept. A vertical post of wood is put into the ground that supports a horizontal beam of wood above it. This type of building technique is so simple, it has been considered to be one of the worst types of construction. Post and beam construction is typically unreliable in support, structural integrity, longevity, cosmetic appeal, and design capabilities.


Two Dimensional Approach

Its two-dimensional approach to constructing a frame makes it very basic and without the potential for customization. It relies on the 90 degrees angled connection between posts and beams, which doesn’t allow for any other type of different degreed and angled approach to design.


Connectivity of Columns and Beams Are not Supportive

It relies on the connectivity of its columns and beams through piers. These piers are often square, round, or rectangular. In most cases, the piers themselves are so simple, that they create a problem with the amount of support they can provide. The connection system of post and beam construction is typically centered around metal fasteners, which reduce the strength of the connection. The beams are susceptible to rot, rust, breaking off, snapping off, and cracking of the wood itself.

Custom Timber Frame House Plans

Some of the disadvantages that stem from post and beam construction are too much for home builders to even consider attempting. Building a custom timber frame home allows the home to be more customized and focused on its design capabilities, more so than just the structure itself. Here are some ways that custom timber frame house plans will help alleviate concerns when it comes to designing your home.

Craftsmanship in Every Piece of Timber

The joinery is the most important aspect of a timber frame. It speaks volumes about the craftsmanship that is performed on every piece of timber. The joinery is also a reflection of the thoughtfulness and preparation that goes into making every piece.


Individually Crafted Wooden Pegs

Connected by individually crafted wooden pegs allows for the ability of the construction to be free-standing, structurally supporting, and basically independent. This allows for the capability of creative design choices and random changes in the angles of the timber frame connections. This is where the customization of timber frame house plans can become completely original and unique. You have the ability to create expanded or reduced dimensions and spaces throughout a home so that it can be designed as conceived.


Tenon and Mortise

The joinery is primarily centered on the tenon and mortise. The tenon is the tongue of the joint and the mortise is the slot in which the tenon is fitted. The strength that stems from this connection can be compared to the strength of just a natural piece of solid wood.


Promotes Longevity

The strength that a timber frame house plan’s timbers can exhibit is truly remarkable. The solidity of the timbers and the connections they make with other timbers allows builders to promote longevity with the designs that they are given.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber frame housing does not leave a carbon footprint like the other styles of building. Using timber uses less greenhouse gas than steel or concrete. The thermal insulation makes the home more energy-efficient as the house is able to retain the warmth longer once heated.


Timber frame homes are not only gorgeous to look at, but also efficient and reliable homes that are structurally sound. When you decide on a timber frame home you are setting yourself up for success for renovations without the hassle of plaster.

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