South Bay Energy – Tips on Saving Money on Your Energy Bills

My friend Mark works for South Bay Energy and we were having a chat recently about how people can bring down their energy bills. So many people assume that their energy bills are what they are and that there is no way that they can bring them down, as Mark reminds me this is not true at all and there are always ways in which you can do your bit in the home to bring down the cost of your utilities. Mark spoke to me at length about how South Bay Energy work with their customers on helping them to reduce their energy bills, and here is some of that information for you guys too.


Switch and Save


The first place to start with reducing your energy costs is to see whether you can get a better deal elsewhere. South Bay Energy are experts at reducing costs for people and they will always try to offer the best deal for new clients. Work out how much gas/water/electricity you are using each month and then using a comparison site have a check to see if you can pay less with another company. Many companies will offer a price match so if you do find it cheaper, contact your current provider and see if they’ll match the cheaper price which you’ve found elsewhere.


LED Bulbs


If you haven’t already then you should switch all light bulbs in the home to energy-saving LED bulbs. Not only do these bulbs last longer but the guys at South Bay Energy have confirmed that you can save almost 2% of your overall electricity costs each month simply by switching bulbs.


Close The Doors


Mark was laughing when he told me how easy some of the energy saving tips are and one of them is making sure that the doors are closed. When you close your interior doors you can keep heat in and the cold out, or visa-versa. A simple trick but one which could save you some money.


Windows and Doors


Making sure that your windows and doors are sealed is vital, if not you will be losing energy that you have paid for. Have them checked out as soon as possible and if there are any gaps then make sure that you get them resealed as quickly as possible.




When it comets keeping your home hot or cold you need to ensure that you have timers on your air conditioning unit or on your heating system. In doing this you’ll reduce the time that you spend on changing the temperature in the home which will in turn save you big money.




Something which South Bay Energy will often tell their clients is to ignore the air con or the heating unit and use clothing instead to manage your temperature. We can also add another layer or take one off when we are trying to stay cool or warm, and this should be the place where we start before spending a penny on energy.

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