Simplify Cleaning Day

Good health depends on sanitation and cleanliness, but cleaning house is something no one really looks forward to doing. The grime, grease, and mineral buildup as well as bathroom or trash odors are a less than pleasant way to spend a day. There are a few things, however that can be done to make things a little easier as you go about a necessary routine.

Soften Your water

Water softeners serve many purposes, but when it comes to cleaning, there is one major advantage; preventing mineral buildup. Different areas in the country are rich in minerals, which travel through your pipes with the water. These minerals can, over time, build up inside the pipes causing narrowing or even blockages. Minerals can also wreak havoc with the inside of a water heater and can shorten its life. Call one of the better water softener companies Pittsburgh offers to assess and implement a water softener in your home.

Utilize Vinegar

Fill a plastic zipper bag with a few inches of white vinegar and tie it over the tub faucet, shower head or sink faucet and allow it to soak overnight. For drains, crusted faucet base plates and other flatter surfaces, place a few scrunched up paper towels over the area and soak with vinegar. Let the vinegar work for a few hours or overnight, then simply rinse the area with clean water and use a soft bristle toothbrush as needed to gently scrub away the now butter-soft buildup.

Spray Your Shower

The tub, shower and surrounds can accumulate quite a buildup of soap scum and hard water. Buy a spray made to keep the shower clean and use it after every bath or shower to minimize the amount of scrubbing it takes to clean it off. Also you may find vinegar helpful once again, as pouring it into the track can help loosen soap scum and grime, making it easier to clean up.

Chlorine Bleach

A bleach spray applied to the inside of the toilet and allowed to sit overnight a couple of times a week can help prevent stains and rings from forming. Pour a half cup of bleach down each drain once or twice a month to keep drain lines clearer and odor free. Never use a drain cleaner when there is chlorine bleach present. Also make sure to never use an ammonia cleaner in the present of bleach. It can create toxic and fatal fumes.

Softening your water, and using vinegar are two simple things that can go a long way toward making things easier. Give some of these tips a try and you may not find cleaning day so distasteful.

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