Simple handy steps to keep spiders out of your house

More often than never, you would have found some corner of your house covered with cobwebs overnight. You can thank the uninvited spider pets for that. Having pests in the house is not just an inconvenience, but it is also unhygienic and can lead to infections. With spiders, people often think that clearing out the webs would drive out the spiders. Sadly, these annoying creatures are hard to get rid off, once they have found a warm and cosy place in the house


We have listed down some easy steps to help you keep these unwanted guests out of your abode.


  1.     Cleanliness is important

Insects and bugs tend to find comfort in unclean, dark and warm places. And this serves as a food party for spiders. Spiders tend to spin their webs, lay eggs and stay in these cluttered spaces. So, if you want to keep spiders away, it is important to clean your house regularly and diligently. Dispose of any scrap and waste, dust and sanitize closed spaces and vacuum all existing spider webs. Not just inside the house or the garage, but pay attention to the cleanliness in your backyard and garden. This would go a long way in keeping spiders from spinning webs in these unattended corners.

  1.     Using natural ingredients to keep spiders at bay

Daily household ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and garlic are quite efficient as a spider repellent. You can create 1:1 mix of vinegar and water to make your own repellant spray and you can spray in the corners. This would keep the spiders out of the corners and spinning their webs. The strong pungent smell of garlic acts as a natural repellant of spiders.

  1.     Essential oils like peppermint and lavender are great

Peppermint is a common component of many repellant sprays. Peppermint’s strong smell and insecticidal properties keep the spiders and insects away. And also gives your home a pleasing and refreshing fragrance. If you find the smell of the peppermint oil too strong, you can pot a peppermint plant instead.

  1.     Disinfecting and pest control

Sometimes dealing with the spiders can be more difficult than expected and they can always find some hideouts. If you are bothered by these stubborn intruders, you can choose to go for timely pest control. This would not only eliminate the spiders, but also the reason behind spiders coming to your home, other pests. You can contact a professional spider control Hillsboro specialist service and they would take care of your problems.

  1.     Switch to mild lit outdoors

Insects and bugs are attached to bright light, and these serve as a feast for the spiders. If you have outdoor lighting, you could often find spider webs round them. By switching to low lighting or dim yellow-shaded lights, you would see a decrease in the insects. This would, in turn, force the spiders away from your outdoors. Also, if possible switch off the lights later in the evening to avoid insect and spider gathering.


Dealing with spiders isn’t really hard if you act in time and work on the root cause. Start by keeping your house clean, sealing any cracks and ensuring that you remove the webs when you see it.


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