Selecting Roller Shutter for Warehouse

Warehouse Doors
A warehouse is a place that requires special protection and security. It holds all the important material for your business and any act of negligence can cost a fortune. So, the protection starts from the door of the warehouse and this is an important decision any businessperson needs to make. Some of the factors that might need special consideration for this decision may include, the weather, the level of security required and the budget.

Some of the commonly used configurations of warehouses include Hinged doors, Sliding doors, and Rolling doors. Hinged Doors are the least common doors for warehouses. They require space for opening and closing. Sliding doors are relatively more common. They are available in a range of sizes. They are most suitable for places with lesser space.

The roller shutter doors are most commonly used doors for big warehouses. They are low maintenance and easy to operate. Due to the growing demand, there are many options available for warehouse doors roller doors. They range from being completely automatic to weather seal options. Some companies also provide the option of fire safety so they can be used as both, regular and fire doors.

Functioning of Roller doors

Roller shutter door is rolling door system that moves in vertical direction. Their usage is not restricted to commercial applications. Instead, it is also extensively used for home garages. The applications of roller doors cover all domains comprising of commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.
In the commercial domain, they are usually preferred for warehouses for requiring lesser space without compromising on the security. When choosing the roller shutter doors, there are some options you’d have to decide between. To make the most appropriate choice, make sure you are clear in your head about the requirements of your warehouse. These include the level of security you need, the requirement for ventilation, insulation. Moreover, you’d also need to know about the frequency of operation of the door, the area you can spare for the door and lastly, your budget. Other than these factors, you might also have some special considerations, depending on your warehouse.

Benefits of Roller doors

The reason Roller doors are so widely used for warehouses is because they offer a number of benefits that the other configurations cannot top. Some of the benefits include,
1. Additional Security
Roller shutter doors offer reliable security for the expensive stock at the warehouses. The shutter system ensures optimum security and privacy of the stock. They are usually made of steel which proves to be resistant to any denting or damages. However, additional layers of sheet can be used to increase the overall strength and protection.

2. Easy to install
Roller shutter doors can easily be installed in a building that is already functioning. They do not require detailed complex design considerations.

3. Fire Protection Doors
Roller shutter doors can be used as fire doors, as mentioned before. They can be used to avoid spreading of the fire.

4. Noise Reduction
A quiet working environment is desired for a more productive work-environment. If insulation is used, roller shutter doors can be much quieter than other options of doors.

5. Durability
Steel is mostly used as the material for the roller shutter doors. This makes them more resistant to weather and extends the life-span of the doors. Roller shutter doors are very reliable against rain as they are not only resistant to rust, but also, they prevent any rainwater from entering into the warehouse as the edges are sealed with rubber. They are also more resistant to strong winds.

6. Availability of Designs
Roller shutter doors come in a variety of designs from being punched to ‘curtain-like’ sheets. This can add to the overall look of the warehouse.

Reducing the noise

Often with time, roller doors can become noisy which can result in an unpleasant working environment. This can be due to lack of regular basic maintenance if the frequency of usage of the doors was poorly approximated. Either way, they can turn noisy which is not desirable so there are some things you can do to solve this issue.

The most common cause of Roller doors causing too much noise is lack of lubrication. Most parts of the Roller doors require lubrication so make sure the machine and all parts of the door that need to be lubricated, are well maintained. It can also be due to some loose part in the machine or the door itself.


As in the case of any machinery, roller shutter doors can have a prolonged life-span or a shortened life-span, depending on the basic maintenance performed. The doors need to be checked for oil and any other defects once in 3 months. Furthermore, a complete examination of the doors should be performed annually to repair any damaged or loose part.

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