Room Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom

One of the biggest issues many homeowners have is inadequate lighting. It could be too strong, too dim, too expensive to keep on, or simply located in an area that doesn’t provide ample light to all areas of the room. If you have been suffering through issues with your current light sources, isn’t it time to do something about it? Perhaps you are in the midst of a remodelling project in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom and this would present the perfect opportunity to make some much-needed changes. If you are looking for room lighting ideas for these rooms in particular, here are a few suggestions you might like to consider.

First, Let’s Talk Finances

Before even thinking about looking at lighting ideas, the one thing you should always keep in the front of your mind is the cost of running those lights. Whilst fluorescents offer a huge savings over incandescent and halogen lights, LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has come a long way in recent years. The cost of electricity can be many times higher with halogen incandescent lamps and even fluorescents are more expensive to use.

While LEDs are typically higher priced than other types of lamps, they use only about 25% of the energy of other lamps and can last as long as 20 years! Imagine reducing the cost of lighting your home by 75% and then avoiding the cost of regularly changing those outmoded lamps. Most lights burn out within a year, but LEDs are solid state and can have a lifespan up to almost a quarter of a century. Now that’s cost effective, wouldn’t you say? That takes care of the lamps, now onto the fixtures.

What Purpose Does the Lighting Serve?

There are a number of different types of lights you can use in any given room, so the main question is, “What purpose does that light serve?” Do you need a bright light such as that you would use in a kitchen where you do a lot of cooking and washing up or do you need a dimmer light such as you would use in a bedroom or living room? Once you have determined the amount of light you need, you need to focus on the areas that need illumination.

Typically, you would be looking at a variety of locations for placing lights. The main styles would include:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Wall mounted lights
  • Under cabinet or counter lights
  • Floor lamps

Then, within each main category there are different purposes for which those light are utilised. Take for example, ceiling lights to be hung over the kitchen table. Ceiling lights like these would probably need to be dimmable and a diameter of just about half the length of the table. Since most people use the kitchen table for other reasons than eating meals, you could then turn them up for better visibility and down for ambient light conducive to an enjoyable dinner with family and friends.

Floor Lamps and Wall Sconces Work Well in Any Room

While some homeowners like chandelier type ceiling lights only in kitchens, others use them effectively in living rooms and bedrooms, but this is much rarer. If you are seeking something a bit more decorative but nevertheless functional, why not hang wall sconces which can work well with any type of décor. There are those that resemble candle sconces and those which are more modern and often a bit brighter.

Floor lamps also work well in any room to brighten up dark corners and areas where overhead lights can’t reach effectively. If you are looking for fresh ideas for lighting up your kitchen, living room or bedroom, first consider going energy efficient and then look at the many types of fixtures available to you. From ceiling to floor lamps, you can choose the style best suited to your needs and the possibilities are almost endless. Electrical services like Full Moon Lighting can help you with the installation.

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