Realistic Dinosaur Costume for Adults and Features

Impressive and memorable, any event will help to make a realistic dinosaur costume, which will delight with its functionality and give a lot of vivid emotions to both adults and children. Models of prehistoric animals will complement any presentation, exhibition, circus or animation performances, as well as museums and ceremonies. Dinosaurs are made of high-quality non-toxic materials, which ensures the safety of the use of costumes at children’s parties or in closed areas in shopping centers.

Features of Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Animatronics have a bright realistic design and high performance.

Models will allow children and adults to learn more about prehistoric animals while seeing a large copy of a dinosaur, as their height reaches 25 meters.

The beautiful design of the models is complemented by the ability to program. The user can set the preferred frequency of movement, tail wagging or growling, regardless of external influences.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume is made on the basis of an exoskeleton, which reliably fixes the structure at a certain height.

The costumes are bright and attractive, which causes interest and a desire to stay at a gala event or in the gaming center.

The most popular and popular models include costumes of dinosaurs such as T-REX, Velociraptor, Dragon because they are among the most memorable representatives of violent animals from past times. The price of unusual clothes varies depending on additional equipment and equipment.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume Functionality

The Jurassic Park can now be arranged both for a birthday and for a large-scale ceremony dedicated to the opening of a shopping and entertainment center. The dinosaur costumes T-REX, Velociraptor, Dragon are beautiful, original and realistic models that are designed to entertain and familiarize themselves with the prehistoric world of animals. Depending on the topic of the event and the invited audience, animatronics differ in technical characteristics, by weight, height, and design. This will allow you to choose a model that fits perfectly into the holiday format.

The T-REX costume is an interactive model weighing up to 30 kg, which is perfect for entertaining children and teenagers. The height of the animatronics is 200/185 cm with a width of 70 cm and a length of 400 cm. The colorful and bright costume is equipped with a metal frame exoskeleton, which gives strength and reliability to the entire structure. The model is practical to wear, comfortable for the animator during the entire time of use. Various colors and variations of the T-REX prehistoric pangolin model are available to the user.

The Velociraptor costume is made in visual resemblance to a bipedal dinosaur of past times. The model is made in a very realistic interpretation. The suit is easy to put on and comfortable enough to wear. With the correct movements of the animator, the model looks spectacular and causes interest from guests and those present at the celebration. The suit is perfect for users of any height.

Dragon Dinosaur Costume

Dragon Dinosaur Costume vivid representative of the prehistoric world of rare dinosaurs. The model has a great resemblance to an adult dinosaur. The costume is made of durable material using waterproof paints. Animatronic Dragon is suitable for the user with a height of 200/180 cm, while the weight of the model does not exceed 30 kg. The model is equipped with a built-in camera and sound speakers to play a furious growl. The animator always sees what is happening around a realistic dinosaur, while the user will be able to respond by wagging his tail or neck. Various costume variations are available in a wide variety of color presentations.

Sounds and the manifestation of emotions in the form of growls, nodding the head, wagging the tail at the moment when a person approaches the animal to add realism to the costumes. The models are very easy to operate. It is enough for the animator to make precise and repetitive movements in order for Velociraptor or T-REX to display them in reality. Costumes are suitable for users of any height, which makes the product universal, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Models are complemented by a built-in camera for a full view of the room. Dinosaurs are equipped with ultra-sensitive motion and touch sensors. This allows the animal to react with a blink of an eye, opening its mouth, wagging its neck or tail. Animatronics are made in bright contrasting colors that are visually similar to prehistoric counterparts. This creates the effect of realistic and natural costumes. All models are made by hand, which helps to avoid inaccuracies and create truly bright and impressive products that will fill any theme holiday with memorable emotions.

Who should buy dinosaur costumes

Animatronics in the form of prehistoric animals and lizards are widely applicable in the design of exhibitions, parks, museums, circuses or children’s recreation areas. Models can be programmed at the request of the customer, while the dinosaur will move, blink its eyes, open its mouth, growl, wag its tail when a person approaches or regardless. To make the holiday saturated and filled with enchanting emotions is simple and possible with high-quality and realistic dinosaur costumes.


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