Problem Solved: Garden Storage Solutions

Just like inside the home, gardens can become cluttered and messy almost before you have the chance to do something about it. In a similar fashion to bedroom carpets being filled with clothes, books, DVDs and other items; gardens can quickly be filled with disused furniture, weeds, broken plant pots and a lawn in desperate need of mowing.


In the majority of instances, in the home and out in the garden, the reason behind all of the clutter is relatively easy to explain. Storage is always a problem whether you have plenty of space or a tiny amount and that’s down to the fact that you might buy a set of drawers or one of the garden storage solutions at Garden Buildings Direct, to give an internal and external example, only to accumulate more and more over a period of time, filling your existing drawers or sheds until there’s just nowhere to put anything else.


The problem here is, unlike in the home, leaving things outside your shed puts them at risk of theft. If you leave your clothes or DVDs next to the drawers in your room the only people who might get their hands on them are a parent who wants to see the carpet they spent so much money on or a sibling looking to borrow that top or watch that film.


Unlike burglars, siblings and parents (in the majority of cases) are likely to return your items to you when they’ve finished with them. This means that you need to think long and hard about your chosen storage solutions in the garden. A shed shouldn’t be just somewhere to throw your tools or keep your mower away from the rain, it should be secure and act as a deterrent to thieves.


Two of the most difficult outdoor possessions to store are actually two of the most expensive you might own – a lawnmower and a bike. Their shape makes them difficult to put anywhere except in the middle of the floor and it can be a real pain to walk around them and try to get to the shelves or hooks on the wall. For that reason, investing in some specialist bike storage such as this is almost essential. A bike shed will fit neatly against a wall or fence in your garden and provides easy, secure access when you need it. At the same time it opens up space in your existing shed which will make it much simpler to move around or will provide extra space to store any of your other possessions.


Mowers are even more difficult to store. They’re obviously much larger than bikes and can need a significantly larger specialist shed, but this isn’t a problem, as proved here. You can park the mower and even utilise the wall space in the unit to hang items such as hosepipes, garden tools and even folding garden furniture making it a multi-purpose solution.


It can be that simple to tidy up your garden. Cleaning always seems daunting especially when you get that feeling of “where do I even start?” However, the easiest solution is to start off by thinking how you can make more space to put things away. Moving things to one side or onto a shelf might work in the short term, but dedicated storage solutions for the larger items – like bikes and lawn mowers – can leave you feeling much happier with your garden and you can put them away at night or over the winter safe in the knowledge that you can lock the unit to keep thieves at bay.


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