Painless Ways to Go Green

According to sites like InventHelp, from everyday living to homemade products and travel ideas, there is a limitless amount of information available for anyone attempting to practice green living. The federal government has created programs such as ENERGY STAR and Energy Saver to help consumers find eco-friendly appliances and practice responsible energy use habits.

Find a DIY project, healthy recipes or home decorating tips by merely doing a little research. When you are filled with some idea inventions creating new products and don’t know what to do next, then worry not! A good company like InventHelp can prepare your idea, submit your idea to companies on your behalf, and provide a patent referral.

Building a well with the help of a well drilling services company is also advised if you want a sustainable source of water in your property. These lifestyle changes can save our Earth a significant amount in fossil fuels and water. Additionally, these products and habits will help you cut down your utility bills.


Green Products and Services


There are multitudes of products made by companies that claim to use sustainable manufacturing practices. However, with the popularity of eco-friendly living, this may indeed not be the case. New Living compiled a list of websites that allow consumers to find goods and services that acquired the seal of approval for energy efficiency, resource conservation and meeting environmental standards. Consumers should also keep an eye out for the ENERGY STAR logo, which means that this product adheres to strict U.S. regulations regarding sustainability. Whether looking to buy building supplies, furnishings or wanting to check on the claims made by various organizations, these sites provide a variety of green information. You may also consider having a solar panel installation with a solar battery installation to save on your utility expenses.

Living Simply


One of the more popular recent trends in sustainable living includes adopting a more natural lifestyle. From animal husbandry to urban homesteading, and everything in between, Living A Simple Life offers plentiful information and tutorials on living a back-to-basics life. Learn how to make an earthworm composting bin, find rainy day, recycled arts and crafts or gather unique yesteryear recipes. The site features easy to navigate categories separated by topic along with a handy search window. Read interesting stories contributed by families who have escaped the urban life or find the perfect little homestead. Urban homesteading and the use of lots of homestead supplies have risen in popularity, as landowners strive to put their property to a green use.


Green Grills


Part of summer fun includes backyard barbecues and inhabitat offers a number of innovative DIY green-styled grill ideas that set BBQ chefs apart from the rest. One unusual design inspires a “save the planet” message by creating a kettle grill from a recycled metal globe. Get a little help from the sun to sear in the flavors of hamburgers and steaks when creating an outdoor solar grill/oven from an array of petal shaped metal sheets. Think portable with a homemade grill that consists of a terra cotta pot topped with a handled colander type strainer.


Growing Food from Garbage


Care 2 recommends recycling produce waste by easily regrowing certain plants. Perfect for gardening enthusiasts or as a child’s project, you won’t look at vegetables the same way again. Green onion roots regenerate and produce new shoots when submersed in a shallow bowl of water. Once the roots grow out, transplant the bulb into soil. Grow celery in the same manner after removing the base. Sweet potatoes propagate from the “eyes” similar to white potatoes. When planted in soil, the smallest of ginger root knobs transform into new plants.


You can also create a compost heap of organic garbage, which can be cycled into your outdoor gardening soil. You can start this process by purchasing a compost bin or compost tumbler to store outside. Add trash like table scraps, egg shells, plants, fruits, and veggies to the bin. These materials will break down into a substance called humus, which is full of nutrients for organic farming and gardening. Mix the humus in with your soil, and your plants will thrive.


Sustainable Travel


When arriving in a new town for business or pleasure, knowing where to go in advance saves time, money and gas, while reducing the carbon footprint. Try to catch rides using public transportation and ride sharing services, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of gas usage.  Hoursmap features an extensive database of information about numerous venues in different cities across the country. Merely choose the appropriate city, and instantly find an array of eateries and stores with photographs and color-coded displays that denote opening and closing times. Users can also choose a particular venue from the featured menu below the list.Google Maps can also help you find your way in almost any international city, with routes plotted out for public transit. Not only are bus and train systems more affordable, but the shared resources are a great way to travel green.

Whether reluctantly going green, or an avid conservationist, you’ll find an abundance of helpful hints, tips and tricks to creating a more environmentally-friendly planet. Adopting sustainable technologies and habits can provide you with tax deductions and lower utility bills. You’ll also gain a greater awareness of the current threats to ecological living. Learn simple methods that are easily incorporated into daily life that make a difference in the long run.

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