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Move House More Easily

It’s not for nothing that moving house is a byword for stress. If you’ve bought a house, you move less regularly – often only when life changing events make it necessary, like a sudden change in job or financial status, the growth of your family, or to accommodate your needs in retirement. Though it doesn’t happen like this often, there’s the upheaval of moving an entire house full of possessions and people, and avoiding breakages to both. There’s also the financial stress of mortaging and remortgaging, dealing with solicitors, estate agents, other people in your chain, and movers.

If you’re renting, the upheaval is somewhat less: it’s a less arduous process than buying a house (just as it should be!) but the other side of that bargain is you’ll have to do it more often. Renting is sadly not stable in the long term, with people moving because of rent rises, land lords selling flats, or simply the widespread acceptance of twelve month contracts. It means moving house becomes almost an annual ritual for some.

Today we’re offering a few tips to help cut the stress and move house more easily.

Use Storage, Stupid

The greatest stressor of all is moving day itself. With so much to coordinate on one day, from final packing, filling a van or trusting to professional movers, unloading at the other end, and then accomplishing a final clean of your old home before you final hand over the keys, it’s a recipe for exhaustion.

Cut down on the stress by using a self storage company to spread the load. Fill up climate controlled storage units with your bulkiest, and most awkward furniture and then retrieve at your leisure when the move is complete. This makes moving day easier as only the most vital items get moved on the day itself, and you can retrieve the others at your leisure. In the meantime you have more space to pack, unpack and clean. Visit byStored to find out more about how storage can help you when you move house.

Book Cleaners

Any private renter is familiar the last minute clean as they vacate their property, hoping to avoid a deduction from their deposit from an unsatisfied landlord.

It’s extra work on the last day in a house, when you’re all too busy moving out, and sometimes you can do the best possible job and still find yourself at the mercy of an unscrupulous landlord. Avoid the stress and worry by paying for a professional clean on the last day. It may cost (though do your research and you’ll likely be able to find a bargain) but it’s worth it to avoid arguing with your landlord. Producing the evidence you used a professional cleaner should silence all arguments!

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