Look How These Decorative Light Ideas Change A Child’s Room

After the walls are painted (or colored on), after all of the toys have exceeded their normal recommended lifetime, decorating a child’s room can become a difficult task unless you start tearing down walls and hiring a contractor for an expansion. There are some pretty cute ideas at taking what is already in your child’s room or in your home and turning it into something exciting.1

Let’s Think About Lighting

Lighting is probably the easiest way to create atmosphere, depth and mood in any room. With children we know this because of night lights, glow in the dark stars and murals on walls. But there are other lights that can become the main fixture of focus in the home. Check it out:

These fluorescent light covers match up to pretty much any sized light you’ve got. Since most fluorescent light sizes are standard, they’re simple to measure and order. They’ve become incredibly popular over the last few years because they’re easy to install, cheap and simple to change if you want something new.

Here’s the top designs for kids:


Photo from Octo Lights1

Photo from Octo Lights1

Photo from Octo Lights1

Photo from Octo Lights

Installation, Accents & Other Easy Art

These are probably the most simple additions to your child’s room you’ve ever installed. They’re UV resistant and the ink is water based, so it’s safe for any scenario.

Accenting all starts with the main parts of the room. The wall color is the most useful when it’s simple and compliments multiple things in the room. When putting things in the room, make sure they’re at the child’s height, this way you’re making it possible for them to clean and reach everything that needs to be put away.

If you really want to ensure they’re not permanently coloring or writing on things, use a chalkboard paint on the walls and let them color away. Most hobby stores sell a paint additive that makes some things glow in the dark, if that’s something you want to do.


Photo from HGTV

Removable wall transfers are becoming more affordable and can be a great way to temporarily tattoo your wall. Your child will have fun with this one. You can also use this and other areas in the home to make it easy for your child to collect. Kids are collectors! To making an area on the wall for postcards, baseball cards and anything else they’re into is a good idea.

Different Lighting Aspects In The Room

It’s important to have multiple kinds of lighting in a kid’s room. The overall lighting from the ceiling is crucial and while the fluorescent covers add a cool aspect to the room, you’ll also need reading lights, night lights and if there are any transfers into other rooms, these are important to light.

While the overarching illumination from ceiling hang lamps contributes to the room’s character, the inclusion of additional lighting elements proves indispensable. Beyond aesthetics, practicality reigns as reading lights, nightlights, and subtle transfers into adjoining spaces ensure a harmonious lighting scheme.

Paper lanterns, hang lamps, nightlights, desk lamps, reading lights, and glow in the dark lights are all great ways to help give the different aspects of the room mood and personality. With a harmonious blend of lighting options, you can fashion a dynamic and inviting space that caters to both functional needs and the unique spirit of the child.


Photo From Home Improvement

Photo from HGTV

With all of this lighting it’s important to make the logistics simple. You don’t want to be stuck trying to figure out all of the different ways to shut off or on lights, so use naturally powered lights as much as you can in things light nightlights or glow in the dark stars or stickers. Paper lanterns and desk lamps should all have their own switch locally on the light and it’s best to leave the ceiling lights with one main switch that everyone can reach to turn off.

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