Labour-saving Hacks for Career Couples

If you’re at that stage where work is your life and it’s more a case of living to work, than the other way round, you can’t afford to spend time on tedious, domestic chores. Any spare hours should be spent on leisure activities. Here are some innovative gadgets and ideas to help give you more ‘quality time’.


A well-organised, walk-in wardrobe makes the task of choosing what outfit to wear so much easier. It’s quite simple for a builder to erect an internal wall and how large will depend on the size of your room. The minimum depth should be two metres, to allow for opposite rows of hanging rails. Under-bed storage boxes are ideal for storing your briefcase, books, keys and anything else you need to grab before heading out the door. Once synonymous with jaded, three-star hotels, the trouser press is making a comeback. Sneer if you will but these devices will have your slacks (or skirt if folded correctly) looking fresh and ready to go. And if you wash your shirts or blouses on the gentlest spin, then hang them in a steamy bathroom, you might just get away without ironing those too. If you and your partner get up at different times, the Roberts Dreamtime 2 clock radio should ensure you never sleep in again. Not only does the alarm start gently and gradually increase in volume, so you’re not woken with a jolt, you can set two completely independent alarm programs.

But before anything else, you must have a tough security plan before executing it. Guests look for a much greater security for each of their rooms, they do not want to leave the hotel with a burden. Some experts suggest that Magnetic card locks are effective at enhancing security and improving guest satisfaction.


Apart from having kitchen cupboard doors that are easily cleaned (such as a high-gloss finish), it’s also important to make access a thing of beauty. We were also looking for cheap but high-quality kitchen parts (so that we could install them ourselves) and found Kitchens 4U Online, they have some incredible deals and a very high-quality of product so check them out if you need kitchen parts (or whole flat-packed kitchens) to buy online. Forget shelves wherever possible and opt for drawers, pull-out units and the wonderful corner unit mechanisms that seem like magic. Even some fridges now come with all drawers, so you’ll never have that mouldy sausage hiding at the back of a shelf again. But by far, the most ingenious (and expensive) fridge-freezer is by Samsung. This is as close to science-fiction as it gets, with its ability to tell you when you’re low on milk and order groceries. Yes, seriously. It has an integrated touch screen that will display your appointments, once you sync your phone to it. If you forget to check what’s in the fridge before you go shopping, a row of cameras will send photos to your phone. Of course technology like this comes with a hefty price tag of over £3,000, so it depends on how often you’d use tech like that. Much more down-to-earth is having a condenser tumble dryer with a time clock, so you can set it off an hour before you come home, thus minimising wrinkles. Go ahead and click site to find the best deals for home appliances. And the old stalwart, the slow cooker, must be included. Throw in your ingredients (ready prepared mixed vegetables will make it even quicker) bang on the lid and go. A wonderful aroma will greet you when you walk through the door, several hours later, with only one pot to clean. Don’t be tempted to use frozen meat, however, as it’s too risky.

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