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Key Design Tips for Your Loft Conversion

There are many benefits to converting your loft into a space that you can frequently use and make the most of within your house. Not only will the small loft conversion enable you to open up your home and really utilize the space you have, but it will also add value to your home too. There are many different ways in which you can approach a loft conversion, with different décor styles and layouts, but there are a few key points to consider to ensure your final result it exactly what you wanted it to be. You just have to make sure that your roofing is in perfect condition and no presence of water leaks. Seek the services of a roofing contractor to conduct a thorough inspection and work on roof repair before you start with the conversion.

Keep it Open

You often find that lofts can be a cramped, confined space that may initially seem difficult to transform into a spacious, fresh room. One of the main things to keep in mind when designing your converted space is to make it light and open. There are a number of different ways to open up a room, such as introducing glass to the décor. If your loft has a dividing wall, why not look at taking it out, or alternatively you could use glass for the wall. Glass is a material that instantly creates a sense of space and will automatically open the room up.

You then have the natural lighting to consider. Your lighting may be limited in a loft conversion, however, introducing some Velux windows to the room will give you plenty of natural light and make the room feel fresh and bright. Remember to run any plans for structural alterations past your contractor first to make sure it’s a step that can be taken.

Embrace Original Features

With the loft positioned at the top of your house, there are often original features such as roof beams that are left on show in the newly designed room. If you need to make adjustments on your snap lock metal roofing, be sure to contact a professional commercial roofing contractor. Looking for roofers Birmingham? The Birmingham Roofers is one of the best roofers in Birmingham, so, if you need a local and reliable roofing contractor in Birmingham that offers all kind of roofing projects like flat roofing, roof repair, guttering services, roof replacement, new roof installation, chimney sweeps for both residential and commercial properties then look no further. Go ahead and call Roof Works in NJ for your free roof estimate! Embracing these original features will enhance your loft conversion and create a space full of character and style.

You can then focus on introducing a décor style that complements the original characteristics, creating a rustic, traditional theme that you can then add to with bold materials and furniture pieces.

Safe and Clear Entrance

Once you’ve converted your loft and decided on the style of room you want to create, it’s important to consider the options you have for the entrance to the room. Whilst you may have used a loft ladder previously for your loft use, you may want to look at introducing some stairs to the area to ensure that your room is easily accessible and has more of a permanent design.

The Right Colours

Just like any room, the colour palette you choose for the décor is a very important decision. Start by thinking how you want the room to feel and what kind of style you want to go for. Your rooms décor should suit the type of room you’re designing. For example, a fresh, bold décor may work well in a home gym or library. You then have neutral, softer colours that are ideal for a living area that you want to feel warm and cosy. Choosing the right colour scheme will ensure you achieve the right kind of atmosphere for that room, which will in turn, enable you to enjoy the room properly and make the most of that space.

Consider Different Storage Ideas

Many loft conversions are designed to look fresh and bold, with a minimalist décor style. When you’re choosing the furniture pieces for your newly converted room, think about the storage you’re going to need. If you’re wanting a minimalistic, clear look then you may opt for white cabinets with no handles and a chic gloss finish. For those opting for a rustic, traditional feel, you may want to introduce some stylish oak cabinets with a classic glass door to add a little extra character.

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