Keep Your Home Clean and Comfortable Ahead of Every Season

All four seasons—winter, spring, summer, and fall—call for re-organizing clothes, rooms, bedroom essentials and reducing clutter. Cleanliness is the goal to accomplish in order to maintain the comfort of your home.


Winter cleaning is essentially maintenance. Preparing your home for winter is important to protect the functionality of your pipes and drains. You should change furnace filters, clear the pipes and the drains of debris and garden waste, and inspect your plumbing system for any leaks or damages. You should also check your home’s HVAC system, seal exterior wood, inspect your chimney, stock up on firewood, test your carbon monoxide detectors, place waterproof mats at the entrance, seal the pool, empty out the water, and shut off the sprinkler system after draining out the hose.

Pull out your winter gear, jackets, and boots but also make sure you pay attention to your bed and use bed sheets that will make your bed cozy, durable, and breathable. Bamboo sheets embody this perfect combination of softness, breathability, and sustainability. They’re durable and offer you a long period of comfortable sleeping. Bamboo bed sheets have risen in popularity and are giving luxury counterparts, like cotton fabrics, ultimate competition. Bamboo fabric is not only available in bedsheets but also in a wide range of bedding options.


Spring cleaning is a way to prepare for the oncoming seasonal changes. This, in itself, is intended to take care of the mess winter leaves behind. In many places, homes are still heated by fires, which results in soot and grime accumulating. To welcome spring’s plants pushing out of the cold ground with buds appearing, it is best to clear out this mess piled up in the front and backyard. Clean the furnace so the fresh breeze of spring doesn’t blow dust through your home. Dust is fine particles that tend to collect on furniture and other surfaces. Getting rid of dust before they start floating around saves you from having to perform a heavy-duty cleanup.

Wash the windows, your drapes, and wipe your blinds clean. Sort through your warm clothing and store away anything that isn’t compatible with the approaching season. Use a vacuum to clean beneath the furniture, surfaces, mats, and carpets. This helps remove allergens, letting you enjoy spring without getting caught up with allergies.


When it comes to summer cleaning, you might want to step up your cleaning process from moderate to a little more intense. This is because summers are hot and toasty. There’s the double H combination (heat and humidity) that tends to wreak havoc on organic matter that hasn’t been discarded on time. Not to mention, the summer climate is also quite accommodating for mold and fungi infestations.

In order to keep unpleasant odors away, start with cleaning the refrigerator. Throw away items closing in on their expiration date. Clean the interior walls, trays, and the drawers. Also, clean the exterior and the area beneath it. Next, clean your pantry by discarding any items that cannot be used anymore. Toss out medicines, creams, and cosmetics that are expired. Clean the floors in your kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen floors accumulate a lot of grease from cooking, which takes a good amount of scrubbing to get rid of. Clean your house thoroughly using disinfectants so that when you keep your windows closed and the AC on to keep humidity levels low, or consider looking into the best travel humidifiers you can afford – as their portability allows you to get an even level of humidity around the house, you don’t breathe in allergens and dust mites. Clean out the vents and dust the corners and hidden areas of your home. To keep exposure to pollen minimum, clean your patio regularly. Maintain your lawn by keeping it nicely mowed.


In the aftermath of the summer season, there is indeed a lot of waste and clutter that results from frequent indoor and outdoor activities, including celebrations, parties, and various events. You may even have a lot of sports gear and gaming gadgets lying around. Since this is the time of year when school is about to start and vacations have come to an end, a thorough clean up and organizing job is needed. Start with putting away your summer clothes and pulling out your fall attire. Clean your oven, microwave, fridge, and barbeque grills. Clean the counters, the floors, the doors, and the bathrooms thoroughly one by one so that you do a thorough job. You’re likely to find many dead bugs from summer and it is best to go over each corner of the house with a cleaning wipe and vacuum.

Since fall is a relatively soft season, it is better to get through with the cleaning chores before winter approaches. Get your standalone air filters, humidifiers, dryer’s exhaust, lint, fireplace, and chimney all cleaned up and ready for use. Clean the exterior of your home when it is still warm. Disconnect the water hoses and thoroughly tidy up your garden. For more ideas on how to add positive changes to your home, visit blogs on

As you improve the comfort of your home through cleanliness, it is also a good idea to re-arrange your furniture, change your drapes and expand your bedding options. A fresh setting can transform your room completely without costing you anything. The bedroom is the most intimate space of your home; it is where you take mental notes, plan things for the next day, and finally take a good look at yourself. A tidy room that appears nicely kept helps you focus on yourself a lot more. It minimizes distractions.


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