How to Perfectly Stage Your House for Showings

Selling your house and hunting for a new one is a difficult enough task on its own. When you have to take into consideration the fact that you also have to prepare your home to be shown to potential buyers, you might feel how overwhelmingly intimidating that part of the process can be. Nevertheless, it is a crucial aspect to selling a house.


When you begin to look at all the items and belonging that your time in your current house have produced, it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin. Perfectly staging your home, though, can spell the difference between a quick sale or months on the market. If you’re wondering if home staging is worth it, consider the fact that Beverly Hills homes tend to sell for more than homes in surrounding cities. Because of that, Beverly Hills home staging may actually end up costing less when comparing the staging costs + home sale value. $3,000 in staging costs for a $4 million Beverly Hills home is a significantly lower percent of sale than if it were the same cost for a $1 million home in elsewhere in LA.


Here are a few ways in which you can stage your home perfectly and get it ready to wow any potential buyers.


Clear the Clutter


Any potential buyer who comes to see your house will of course be aware of the fact that you and your family have been living there for a period of time. But be aware that this is different to seeing a home when a family has been living in it. Despite that prior knowledge, a buyer will be less able to visualize themselves living in a home that already appears occupied. This is why your very first job when preparing to stage your home is clear out all the clutter and create more space.


You want to provide potential buyers with as clean a slate as possible. This means taking down all family photos and personal effects. If this makes the walls seem too bare then hang some generic yet fashionable art on the walls. Extra furniture should be removed or even replaced with smaller, more compact pieces to make rooms appear as big as possible and shelves, and surfaces should also be cleared as much as possible.


If you are wondering where all these items will live while you are still in the midst of the buying/selling process, it is a good idea to rent a self storage unit from a self storage facility nearby. Check out to view their rates on climate-controlled and secure units for your belongings.


Clean, Clean, Clean


As per sites like carpet cleaning, you have heard it before, and you will hear it again. Buyers will not be interested in a home that isn’t clean.

The floors, windows, carpets and more all need a good going-over before anyone comes to view your house. So if you’re thinking of getting a carpet cleaning services, check out here!

Once you have cleared out all the clutter and superfluous furniture, hire the best housekeeping services who can provide professional cleaning service to give your house a deep clean.


Once that is done, you will need to do your best to maintain a spotless house. You might not be given much time before a showing, so your house will need to stay in a presentable state while it is on the market. If you do have an hour or two before a showing, be sure to run the vacuum, dust, and wipe down the bathrooms and kitchen before the potential buyers arrive.

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