How to Fix a Room That Feels “Off”

We’ve all moved in to a new house or flat and felt that there is something ‘off’ with one of the rooms you live in, something you can’t quite put your finger on. It takes a lot of different elements to complement each other perfectly in order to make a room feel balanced. If you have noticed this problem, here are the top ways to fix a room the feels off.

I suggest starting by taking some photos of the room from different angles, it gives a different perspective to see it that way, and you can play around by covering things up with your fingers to see if the room can improved by moving furniture about, or else just take some things out and see how it looks. Once you have done this, have a think about whether you can do any of these four things to prevent the room from feeling off.

An ineffective furniture layout

It is very easy to plonk a piece of furniture down when you first move in to a flat and then leave it where it is without thinking about it. But, the piece of furniture’s first landing place almost certainly is not the best place for it! Look at how your furniture is arranged and think about what the focal point of the room is, what are the limitations of the room that you are going to try to overcome and think about what you can do to make that focal point stand out as much as possible.

Inadequate visual height producing a bottom-heavy room

Many people make the mistake of having too many elements in a space that are too low and make a room feel squatty and unpleasant. By spreading the home décor up higher in your home, you can me a space seem fuller, more sophisticated and even taller. Incorporate what luxury interior design would do and add elements such as curtains and art higher than you might think in order to move the eye upward and expand the design.

Nothing meaningful that you love in there

It is common for people to rush through the process of filling your house in order to make the room feel finished sooner. This is the first mistake people make before they realise that it makes the room seem impersonal. It might look lovely and impress all of your guests but it just doesn’t feel right, does it? This, of course, does not mean you have to throw away everything you have just bought. The solution is to look out for objects that have good stories and meaning to you.

Not enough natural light making it in

A natural lack of light can really effect the ambience of a room and be a major factor when it comes to a room feeling off. Make sure you work with what you’ve got! One option is to clean windows you do have in order to maximise the amount of light coming in to the room. Also, by lengthening your curtain rod and raising the rod in comparison to the windows, you can completely maximise the natural light that you do have.

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