Home furnishings on a budget: great ideas for less money

When it comes to interior design, we all want to make our homes look their best. As more and more housing developments spring up with similar properties on them, how you furnish your home is key to making it unique. Of course, furnishing your home according to your own tastes is a great way to make it look fantastic and also more personal to you.


One sticking point for many homeowners though is money. While you may have a long list of improvements that you want to make to your property, you may not always have the cash to do so. However, living in a home that is furnished in a bespoke way can be done when working to a budget or if you are on a low income. Very often, it is about making small changes that deliver a big impact for little cost.


What are the best home furnishing tips to help you achieve this on a low income?


Crown molding


As noted above, it is always those little touches that do not cost the Earth that really make the difference. When it comes to beautiful home furnishings on a budget, it is hard to beat crown molding on your walls but with Just DIY Decor there is a lot that you can do. This type of detail work helps to join your walls and ceilings together into one eye-catching whole. They are great for adding a real touch of class to your home and a truly unique look to the space they are in. Even better, they do not cost lots! For those on a tight budget, just using this molding in one room is worthwhile.


Wooden window shutters


Another great low-cost tip when furnishing your home on a budget are wooden window shutters. These will instantly update the look of your home from both the outside and inside. There are some really beautiful window shutters to buy now, made from natural woods such as ash or basswood. When in place, they will add warmth and classic looks to any room they are in. Window shutters are also very practical and enable you to control the light or temperature in your home easily. For more information on the best wooden window shutters online, visit


Attractive pillows


Many people use this cost-effective and quick hack when revamping their home furnishings. If you do not already, then maybe you should give it a go. Pillows are pretty cheap to buy, and you will not need too many in any one room, which is great for low-income homes. One way to ramp up the impact of any pillows you scatter about is to go for the larger 22-inch size if possible. The extra inches just make them stand out and look more luxurious. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, finding the right ones for your home should be easy.


Update your lighting


If you are looking at really transforming your home décor, then you need to think about changing up your current lighting. Many people do not know just what a huge impact lighting has on the vibe and general feel in a room. As well as beautiful light fittings that can be found cheaply online or even at second-hand stores, consider using inexpensive table or floor lamps. There is no need at all to spend lots here to get a stunning effect – just put a little work in hunting down the most visually arresting lighting fixtures and fittings you can for the best price.


Focus on key pieces


When it comes to home furnishings, the actual furniture you have in your property is naturally vital. The problem is that for anyone on a budget, there is so much to buy! To make the most of the money you have while still getting a top-class look, try to focus on key pieces. The kitchen table you have is a good example here, as is the sofa in your living room. It really applies to anything you will use a lot, or your guests may see when they visit. The great thing is that you can pick up great key pieces on online auction sites or from friends, so they do not cost lots. Even if you go to a store, there are some great-looking low-cost options now to consider.


Get more while spending less


If you are on a low income, then it is easy to think that fabulous-looking home décor is out of your reach. As the above shows though, this is simply not true. Whether you find home décor tips that do not cost lots or pick up some bargains online, working to a budget does not mean that you have to miss out. With a little hard work and some clever thinking, you will soon have the home of your dreams.

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