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Go Green Philosophy: An Eco Friendly Kitchen

Amongst all the rooms in your house, a kitchen is where you prepare delicious food for the members of your family. It is here where you will have to spend most of your energy since it requires hard-work to cook food. You have to buy several appliances for your kitchen so that you can store water and extra food in them. However, purchasing efficient appliances only for your kitchen is not going to solve your purpose. If you are too worried about the environment and you wish to start from your kitchen, then you need to follow some tips. This will enable you to have a stylish and yet eco friendly kitchen.

  • Use good taps for saving water – It is important you use good taps in the kitchen so that you may be able to save water by as much as you can. There are several taps that are in bad condition and as such, lots of water gets wasted when people do not even think of changing them. The tap of your kitchen will give out at least 18 liters of water in one minute. If you want, you may use a tap that has high star rating and keep it down to 2 liters in a minute.

  • Use materials that are eco friendly – In order to decorate your kitchen, you may look for eco friendly materials. You need to know that mostly paints and adhesives provide poisonous compounds once they dry up. This secretion may be the reason for several respiratory allergic reactions and problems. Even global warming somewhat occurs due to these deadly compounds. Thus, you may use adhesives and paints in the kitchen since they have very less explosive organic compounds.

  • Choose the renewable materials – If you are thinking to make the kitchen eco friendly, then you should not use natural stones and even old timber. Instead, you need to select eco friendly timber such as cork, bamboo or plantation timber. If you are planning to give your kitchen a marble look, then you may try new and cheap material like Maroleum. You need to know that Marmoleum is easily available and renewable too.

  • Proper lighting and insulation is required – You must see that your kitchen has proper lighting as well as insulation. This is something which is ignored in most of the houses. In order to make the kitchen eco friendly, you must see that it is insulated properly. This way, you will be able to maintain the kitchen cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Make sure you are not using huge particles of fiberglass at the time of insulation. Apart from this, you should let natural light enter in the kitchen by as much as possible. While putting lights, go for energy savings tubes and bulbs.

  • Try out the recycled products – You will find several recycled products in your house. You may use them in order to make the kitchen eco friendly as well as unique. If you want, you can also look for recycled products at salvage yards and auction houses.

So, if you are thinking to make your kitchen eco friendly, then you will have to consider the above-discussed tips. Besides this, you need to install garbage disposal though you will require a plumber for this work. Thus, you will be living by the philosophy called “go green” and enable the kitchen to become eco friendly.


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