Get That Walk-in Closet on a Budget

Most women would agree (and quite a few men, if they were honest) that every bedroom should have a custom closet organization system. Some new-builds incorporate them or you could pay a joiner to build one, at significant cost. If you’re on a budget, there’s a simple way to create your own walk-in closet, without any need for special DIY skills. Even smaller bedrooms can accommodate one and if you’re clever with the fittings, you could beautifully organise all clothing, footwear, gildan 2000 shirts, your favorite flowy button up shirt, hats, ties, scarves, mens leather bags, jewellery, business bag, etc., in one area.

Layout Design

First, decide on the width, height and overall depth. The depth of a standard carcass that takes coat hangers is 60cm, so if you’d like two rows facing each other, with room to walk in between, you need to allow a minimum of 2 metres. Provided you securely anchor the bottom to the floor and top to the ceiling, the width is up to you. You can have walk-in access at one or both ends. Having just open end means the other end can be used for shelves or a full-length mirror. You can definitely achieve this with the help of the top closet designers in Houston.

Materials & Tools

You can buy flat pack wardrobe carcasses in DIY shops and Ikea. While the standard depth is 60cm, they also come in shallower depths, suitable for shelves, small drawers, etc. The height and width vary as well. The range of fittings available is extensive and includes static and pull-out shelves, drawers, baskets, shoe racks and much more, so you can create exactly the right combination to suit your needs. You will need suitable brackets to secure each section to the ceiling, as well as screws to fix the bottoms to the floor; you will want to make them as stable as possible. The only tools you’ll need are a tape measure, drill, screwdriver, Allen keys and a hammer. Once the wardrobes have been assembled, fix them in place, then insert the various accessories. If you’re concerned about dust, hang some ready-made eyelet curtains from a ceiling-mounted rail. A more professional look would be achieved by hanging lightweight, wood panelling from sliding door gear.


The one negative aspect of using flat pack carcasses is that the backs will need disguising. Back them with plywood before decorating, either to blend in with the rest of the room or as an accent wall. If you have a divan bed, you can also incorporate a wall-mounted headboard. The closet will need adequate lighting and if hiring an electrician is outside your budget, a bright standard lamp is an economical compromise, provided an electrical socket is nearby. But the best decision still is hiring a level 2 electrician Illawarra for all your lighting needs.

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