Furnishings to Spice up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the one place in your home where you feel the most comfortable and safe. Complementary to your living room where it’s a public space that you allow guests and visitors to see a physical representation of who you are, a bedroom is a place where you keep your vulnerabilities regarding design and its purpose. If you’re looking to add more of your flavour to seep into your sleeping space, here are a few items that can significantly improve your room’s vibe.

A bedroom and a plus one

In modern bedrooms, they’re often two different rooms converted into one. It wouldn’t be silly to own a shower cabin attached to your bedroom or a wet room right across from your bedwhere you sleep. Other choices might be turning your bedroom into a workspace. Most people don’t want to stay too far away from the bed, and especially those who work at home need a space for themselves where they can concentrate and do work.

Turning your bedroom into a built-instudy would require you to keep all your business essentials, such as desks, pens, copy paper, etc., in one corner and your home furniture, sofas, bed, TV, in the other. Doing this split in the room can keep your mind focused on what mood you have to use. Know how to optimise your spaces so that you can accommodate the placement of two different room uses in one.

Personal trinkets

No room is complete without personal accessories. Having these trinkets around can show a lot of your personality and is a smart way to contrast with your contemporary room interior.

Installing a TV mount can free up a lot of your desk space and can give more room for your items to be displayed such as photographs and statuettes. In the same manner, making use of your empty wall space for wall fixtures such as shelves and bookcases can give you more space for standing objects such as potted plants or cabinets. A small hanging library gives you the option to stay in and to catch up on your reading during cold mornings.

Contemporary lighting

One of the more popular choices for lighting is LED lighting. Not only does it come in different colours, but they’re also great for turning a dull room into a contemporary piece by giving it a modern look. LED lighting is also versatile in having a dimmer function that allows you to regulate the brightness of the lights to save on energy. Common uses for LED lighting include as a backlight for nooks and spaces in your room to make your room’s colours meld appropriately with your wall paint tone.

Besides LED lighting, you can opt for lamps and bulbs to warm up your room to replicate the feeling of a forest of fireflies. They won’t just be an aesthetic upgrade to your room, but they’re also great for midnight reading if you’re the type to wake up in the middle of the night to catch up on some literature.


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