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Finding Your Spot In Portland

Portland, Oregon is a quirky place to live. There is so much to do and so many great places to eat. Portland is way over on the far side of the United States in the northwest, yet the residents and tourists enjoy decent weather with the averages between 30 degrees and 80 degrees. The distance from the rest of the states has really allowed the dreamers and believers to turn Portland to whatever they want. There are many millionaires and plenty of regular people too. If you are considering making Portland your home, it is a really great place to move to.

Environmentally Friendly

Driving around Portland, you can see that the dedication to saving the environment is real. There are car charging stations everywhere and the preferred mode of transport by many is the bicycle. Composting, vegetarian eateries, and a dedication to all things natural rule in this town. Where Texas is a meat-eating, oil state, Portland belongs to the organic, save the environment type. You will love the health in the air. Luckily, thanks to its position on the weather map, the worst of the winter storms that dip into the states only brushes Portland, creating a healthy growing environment for those who like to grow their own food.

Moving to Portland

No matter where you live in the United States, you can move to Portland. There are some things to consider when moving there. Money is one. You are going to need a good job before you get there. Rents are high. The cost of living is high. But once you are there, it is worth it. If you have moved from one side of town to another, moving to Portland is going to seem overwhelming. Your best bet is to hire a moving company like Allied Van Lines. A company like Allied will help you pack your belongings and get your household items to Portland safely. Having your stuff moved by a moving company saves you time and headaches. This way you can enjoy your drive to Portland unless you want to ship your car and fly there.

Eating in Portland

With so many people living in Portland, you can bet to find every type of restaurant you want. You can find a dive to the most elegant restaurant with many course meals to enjoy. Thanks to being near the Pacific Ocean, you can taste the most delicious seafood dishes. There are also great Japanese restaurants, steak houses, and Thai places. Fresh food is easy to get and delicious dishes by amazing chefs are everywhere.

Things To Do in Portland

Once you have settled in Portland, it will be time to explore. There are waterfalls to awe at, mountains to climb, and vineyards to taste the local wines. Did I mention the brewery tours, also? There is something for everyone in Portland. There is no pretension, just bring yourself and your family. You will have a blast. The art scene is always colorful and full of inspiration and amazing art. You can even visit one of the best Japanese Gardens America has to offer. You will never run out of things to do in Portland, Oregon. If you do, Seattle and northern California are not too far away. Guess what, you can even go to another country as Canada is right there.

Portland’s Secret

Portland has grown over the years. It may have been a small town that no one thought of. That is the secret of the place. People of all kinds have been working to make Portland a thriving place to work and live over the years. It may be far away from everywhere else in the United States, but that has helped to let the people form and make the place the way they want it. Portland is truly a gem.

If you want to move to Portland, go for it. You will live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. People in Portland enjoy peace and fun where the concept of loving your neighbor and the environment rules.


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