FAQs about Sudoku

Sudoku is life, life is Sudoku, and these indeed come along with several questions. So, here we try and answer a few of those commonly asked:

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a logic-based single-player puzzle that’s played on a grid with the help of a few numbers sprinkled all over to obtain a unique solution. But if you’re more into arcade games, you can try popular ones like w88 online in thailand.

Is Sudoku a Japanese invention?

This is a common assumption, but Sudoku, as a game, is an American invention. It’s just the term Sudoku that’s of Japanese origins.

Who invented Sudoku?

Sudoku, as we know today, was invented by Howard Garns in 1979 in America when it was first published in the Dell magazine.

How to play Sudoku? 

A Sudoku puzzle starts with a partially filled 9×9 grid having 81 cells based on which each row, column, and 3×3 subgrid (a.k.a. nonet or block) must contain numbers from one to nine each appearing exactly once with no left out cells. To master the art of solving these intricate puzzles and playing games like stardew valley, use these stardew guides that provide valuable strategies and insights.

Is it okay to guess when placing numbers?

If you’re lucky, guess game works. If you aren’t, you’ll have to redo the entire grid. So, it’s best to apply a logical approach to avoid mistakes.

Can I use trial-and-error?

It’s only logic that solves most puzzles. So, trial and error must be your last resort.

Is it hard to learn Sudoku?

Hard is just your willingness to unleash your abilities. If you’re willing to take up a challenge and understand the basics, nothing’s impossible. Once you master the easier techniques and keep practicing them, you’ll also succeed at the challenging levels.

Can Sudoku have more than one correct solution?

It’s possible – but the solution may not be valid. To be considered valid, Sudoku puzzles must have only one unique solution.

How long it takes to solve Sudoku?

The time depends on two essential factors:

Your capability, and,

The level of difficulty of the puzzle

With practice and experience, you can solve Sudoku in less than a minute or take 30 minutes, a few hours to several days.

Which is more feasible – paper or mobile Sudoku?

That’s a matter of personal choice. But, to be an expert, you must be able to master both the ways.

Do I have to be mathematically sound to play Sudoku?

Sudoku might seem to be a geek’s game, but it’s actually for the ones with a logical aptitude. You don’t need math; you need logic! You can play slot online for fun or for real money.

Where can I play Sudoku puzzles?

You can easily find these in newspapers or magazines that have a puzzle page. If you can’t, download free Sudoku puzzle games on your smartphone or tablet. We’d recommend you try your hands on the Easybrain app with over 10,000 different levels to help you master the gameplay with absolute convenience while staying all-entertained. Discover more fun games you can play at home when you visit

Now that you know about the free Sudoku puzzle games, take up a challenge, and put your skills to test!


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