Eco-Friendly Shutters

Are you considering living an eco-friendlier lifestyle? A great way to start doing so is by how you dress the windows of your home. By fitting shutters to your windows you will reduce your energy bills due to the insulation benefits they provide. Shutters also look great and are an environmentally conscious step to take when improving your home.With the right choice of shop like at , you can avail shutters at unbelievable price and quality.


When purchasing shutters, you need to make sure that the materials they are made from are sustainably sourced, and that the company really cares about where their products come from. A good example of this is The Shutter Store. A company that is actively involved in the production of shutters using high-quality wood from fast-growing poplar and elm trees. This wood is only sourced from sustainable forests where saplings are planted when the mature trees are cut down.

Keeping in the heat

For many homes, a huge part of the energy bills, as well as having an adverse environmental impact, is the heating that is lost through single-glazed windows. Often in the winter, this can mean reaching for the thermostat to turn up the heat to maintain a comfortable environment; however, when you fit shutters, they create a second barrier against your windows, protecting your home from chilly winter drafts entering and preventing the heat escaping. Overall you will be using less energy to heat your home to acceptable levels thereby cutting costs to save on your energy bills while also reducing carbon emissions, which will, of course, help the environment a little bit more.

Lowering your carbon footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint should be a number one concern, something that should influence the decisions you make about how much energy you use on a daily basis. That usage can be better controlled with full-height shutters that let in incredible amounts of natural light, creating a pleasant atmosphere – especially for rooms that are fully exposed to the sunlight. With complete control over how open or closed you want the shutters your room can be flooded with natural light or it can be reduced as much as you wish. This is an excellent way of reducing how often you will need to turn on any artificial lights, thereby reducing your carbon footprint by cutting down on electricity consumption..

When you shop at The Shutter Store and get your shutters delivered to you, they’re packaged using 75% recyclable materials so that that there is little waste left to be disposed of.

Find a shutter store that offers a locally manufactured range, it’s a simpler route and is a more eco-friendly way compared to ordering from overseas. However, if you are purchasing from somewhere a little further away, The Shutter Store will send you your shutters via ship – a far more environmentally friendly way to deliver your products than by air.

Shutters are a fantastic way of making a positive contribution to cutting energy use. They can help you start to make an impact on how your home affects the planet, while also making the windows look great.


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