Difference Between Full vs Queen Size Bed

Full size vs queen size beds. Who wins? And what option should you go for? While this guide is not your direct comparison between the full size and queen-sized options, its meant to help you make the right decision regarding your purchase. So, read on to find the top 5 smart bedroom ideas that will help you settle for what’s best for you.

  1. Price

Thanks to their popularity and smaller sizes, the full-size beds are the cheapest option. This can also be attributed to their spare parts which are very common and available at affordable prices. For a queen-sized bed, you may need to dig deep into your pocket because they require larger blankets, duvets, and sheets which will likely make the whole affair even more expensive.

  1. Dimensions

Perhaps size marks the biggest difference between full size and queen size beds. The full-size beds are approximately 54 by 75 inches while an average queen size bed measures 60 by 80 inches. And it’s easy to see the difference in their dimensions. You can also incorporate products like the ones from navien mate if you want to create safe haven for your bedroom.

However, the bed size doesn’t guarantee comfort which explains why both choices are just great for individuals who love sleeping alone. Going by their sizes, one can argue that the full-size bed is a great option because it leaves a considerable space in your room.

  1. Accessories

Given their popularity, the required accessories for full-size beds are very common. And you can find them at competitive prices. The same holds for queen size beds given they are also one of the most common options for many households. However, the pricing is what makes the difference.

They might not be overly expensive but the prices for the queen-sized bed accessories can be slightly higher because of their larger sizes.

  1. Comfort

Everybody wants comfort at night. Right? And this explains why opting for comfortable toddler recliners is a smart decision.

When it comes to comfort, both options are just as good in this regard. But given their sizes, queen-sized beds are a great option if you are fond of moving a lot during your sleep. The additional space provided by these sets will ensure you have a restful night without running out of space during your sleep.

But the remember owning the queen-sized bed also means more space. So, if you have limited space in your room and you sleep alone, going for the full-size bed is never a bad idea.

  1. Required Room Size

Of course, your maneuverability around the room depends on the available space. And knowing your room size is key to maintaining its traffic pattern.

A full-size bed and a small room are a perfect combination, just like a queen-sized bed would be great for a larger bedroom. Naturally, the ideal room size for a full-sized bed should be around 10 by 12 feet.


Size is a determining factor when purchasing a bed. But as you can see, making the right decision requires much more than just the actual bed size. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will be valuable to you and help you make the right decision regarding your purchase.

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