Cost-Effective Ways of Adding Luxury to Any Bathroom

Bathrooms can seem like a challenging room to decorate, due to their awkward layouts and need for large features, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Once you’ve figure out the basic layout for your bathroom you can begin to figure out how you want to style it and make it pop with character. There are so many gorgeous designs available to help you add a luxurious, chic touch to your bathroom décor without breaking the bank.

Washing Options

By simply adding both a shower and bath to your bathroom, you have instantly created a more luxurious space. Having the choice of showering or taking a bath is a luxury in itself and a really good way of making the most of the space you currently have in your bathroom. For those with a smaller space to work with, you can find beautiful baths with shower heads attached, still providing you with the option for both with just one feature.

Delicate Touches

You’ll often find that chrome finishes are one of the main factors in a luxurious bathroom. Chrome details add a luxurious touch through their high shine finish and reflective elements that help to create a glistening look. Introducing delicate touches to your bathroom such as chrome handles, towel rails and toilet roll holder will instantly lift the atmosphere and add a chic, glamorous feel to the room.

Bold Statements

For many homeowners, making a focal point in any room is essential for drawing the room together and creating a bold statement that adds character to the rooms décor. A beautiful way of introducing a focal point to your bathroom is with a bold, shiny mirror above your sink. Your sink is often the area that you spend most of your time at in the bathroom, with lots of additional details for your daily routines. Adding a bold mirror to this area will lift the atmosphere instantly and create a striking focal point that will create a really luxurious feel.

Fancy Faucets

One area that many people overlook with bathroom décor is the faucets. Your faucets are the finishing touches to your sink, shower and bath, and in result they have a strong impact on the overall look and feel of the room. Keeping your faucets consistent is ideal as it helps to keep the décor style consistent and strong throughout. With so many stylish designs available, opting for a design that fits in well with the rest of your décor is key. You can then invest in some really fancy faucets that are full powered and give you a jet-style shower or bath, giving you a luxurious bathing experience! If you find your faucets are quite different to the normal style you are used to, get in touch with your local plumber’s merchants to help chose the right style for your bathroom.

Relaxing Features

With any bathroom, the main aim is to create a relaxing space for you to switch off and unwind. By introducing certain items to your bathroom, such as candles, incense and music you can instantly create the perfect atmosphere to do so. Specific candles are perfect for helping relax you, such as lavender, vanilla and coconut. Candles are also ideal for creating a luxurious, glowing look that makes the room feel even more special.

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