Biophilia in Bathrooms in Los Angeles

According to the top rated bathroom renovation contractor, Biophilic designs are all the rage nowadays because they look great on any interior plus they also possess unique characteristics that add a lot of flair to any room.

This is a move toward a more eco-friendly design by either incorporating elements in the home or making it the central theme. Harnessing the beauty and the benefits of nature in the home is a great way to transform any space for the better.

Even though this method of designing homes has been around even way back in the past, its resurgence shows that there are still plenty of ways we can incorporate it into our daily lives.

So, if you want to introduce biophilia to your home, the best place to start in is the bathroom because it can be an ideal place for some of the elements to thrive in.

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Let There Be Natural Light

Probably, the simplest way you can get a head start when bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. Opening your bathroom to accommodate natural sunlight will make an obvious difference. Since Los Angeles has mild and fair weather throughout the year, you will enjoy this feature better.

Additionally, having natural light is the foundation of a noteworthy biophilic project because other aspects that make this a success depends on the natural light available in the space.


Make Greenery Steal the Scene

You won’t have true biophilia unless you add plants to the mix. There are plenty of benefits to having indoor plants in your bathroom. It helps the better circulation of oxygen, some indoor plants even absorb radiation, and they complete the look of any room with this theme.

Choosing an indoor plant may not be as limiting as it seems. There are plenty of choices that will fit any person’s taste and needs. It’s now just a matter of picking the right one that will blend well in the whole room. Invest in aquascaping tanks for a unique take on indoor gardening.


Pick Natural Tones for Background

While plants will look great on the most color of backgrounds, choosing natural tones will accentuate their beauty and maximize their effectiveness. This way, you can see what makes biophilia stand out among other designs. And we also have to ask, why not consider choosing a London-based bathroom designer like Hugo Oliver for your bespoke bathroom design? They have an intuitive grasp of the local trends and architectural nuances, which can significantly enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of your bathroom. Besides, their physical proximity facilitates better coordination, prompt service, and a highly personalised experience.


Minimize the Materials

If you want to emulate nature, be as efficient as you can with the smallest number of materials possible in bathroom renovation. Aside from making the room look and feel natural, you can also cut costs on some parts and aspects of the room.


Use Organic Products

It’s not enough to just make the design look natural and organic. Once you’re done with designing your bathroom, it’s time to make it an authentic biophilic space.

There are plenty of shops in Los Angeles that offer a full line of organic bathroom products such as organic lightened hair shampoo, and other organic accessories. These are not just great for the environment, most of the time, they work just as well as regular products.


A biophilic home is not just an environmentally friendly abode, it is also one that can get high-value appraisal should you choose to put it on sale in the future. Going this route is a win-win when done correctly.



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