All You Need To Know About Drill Press Vises

A drill press vise is a mechanical apparatus that is primarily used to securely clamp an object or workpiece for drilling operations to be completed on it. This clamping device is designed to be used together with a benchtop drill press machine. A drill press machine is basically a fixed style type of drill that is usually mounted on a stand and is used to drill holes in objects. However, a drill press machine can also be used to perform other workshop tasks such as sanding, polishing and sharpening.

Uses of a Drill Press Vise

The drill press vise is particularly used in conjunction with a drill press machine since it has a flat base design with mounting holes that coincide with those on the drill press machine’s table. The vise is then mounted to this table where it is used to hold workpieces securely during drilling operations. The vise is designed to hold objects firmly between its jaws such that it remains completely still as the drill bit pierces the material’s surface. The drill bit rotates exerting pressure outward and this can cause a workpiece or object to spin if it is not firmly clamped. You can use a drill press table along with your vise to keep help.

A vise is an extremely useful tool in the workshop since it allows the user to perform drilling operations with both hands away and free from the drill. A vise can be used to hold a wide variety of materials which include wood, metal and plastic. One can purchase workshop supplies from GreaseMonkey. Besides holding objects securely for drilling, a vise can also be used to complete various other press work tasks such as grinding, reaming, tapping or boring. This tool is mainly used for industrial work but can also be used by craftsmen and home hobbyists. If you’re planning to use chemical-resistant coatings for added protection, enquire today for a free no obligation quote.

A drill press vise can hold heavy and large objects securely since its jaws have a firm grip that can exert a considerable amount of pressure. When choosing a drill press vise, it is important to select one that is suitable for the machining task in hand since most vises can be used to perform a wide variety of jobs that include:

– Metalworking

– Woodworking

– Gluing

– Sawing

– Drilling

– Sandpapering or filing

– Adjusting or screwing

– Cutting conduit

A drill press vise can hold metal in place when filing, cutting or modifying it size and shape and is also a useful tool when working with wood as it holds the wood firmly in place while sawing, drilling, sandpapering or working with glue. A vise is also the ideal tool that can be used to secure electrical conduit firmly and safely when cutting. It can also be used to tighten or loosen a stiff nut and screw by holding the screw firmly and using a wrench to adjust the nut. Drilling is one of those tasks that requires serious stability and precision thus using a vise ensures that the user can drill holes with great accuracy since the vise will hold the objects firmly and securely during drilling. It is also a safe way to hold objects when using a drill press machine as the user will have both hands free to hold the device rather than holding the workpiece.

Characteristics of a Drill Press Vise

This device consists of hardened jaws that can withstand the large amount of force that comes with drilling operations. Some drill press vise models have horizontal and vertical groves on their surfaces allowing them to hold circular and other irregular shaped objects like conduit or pipe in place during machining. The vise may also have jaw pads that protect the workpiece or material’s surface from damage. Some vises may have a 3-way base that offers alternative mounting options which means that the vise can work in three different positions while on the drill press machine’s table which adds to its versatility.

Drill press vises are designed to accommodate various tasks including sand casting. A metalworking vise is different from a woodworking vise hence using a metalworking vise on wood may damage the wood. Drill press vises are basically categorized into four main types namely hand-held vises, woodworking, metalworking and machine vises. Metalworking vises are designed to work under pressure from heavy materials while woodworking vises are specifically designed for clamping wood. Woodworking vises are usually mounted underneath a workbench unlike metalworking vises that are mounted on top of a workbench. They are also equipped with smoother jaws so as not to damage the wooden surfaces when clamping.

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