5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Office Design

When Albert Einstein said “great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds”, he probably wasn’t talking about office design, but this statement is as true there as it is in any other sphere.

Office design inspiration is often met with disapproval from people who don’t know any better, but to those people, we suggest holding an open mind because an innovative office space can improve every element of a business.

Here are a few reasons why…

Improve employee morale

Most UK office design companies will tell you the same thing; high morale in employees leads to a more productive workforce.

There are certain design elements which can help you achieve higher morale in your workplace, such as increased light, better use of space and colours that improve moods.

Having a clear, comfortable and spacious design for your employees will lead to them working harder and being happier. If you need help in finding skilled and qualified employees, get in touch with Lehi recruitment agency.

A branding opportunity

When you have meetings with external parties in your offices, they will judge your company partially based on its design.

Thus, office design inspiration and custom uniforms for your employees should be encouraged, because it is a direct marketing and branding opportunity. A welcoming reception area, which gives a clear picture of your business and its ideals is often the first step to achieving this.

More focus

Different departments have different goals and those goals aren’t always collaborative. For instance, you may have a marketing or sales department that need to constantly communicate, while your financial department may need silence and focus.

Separating these departments can lead to increased productivity and a happier workforce. Designing your office based on the needs of your employees sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many companies overlook it. Then also be aware that you can greatly improve your business intelligence with a great canned report set up, so be sure to look into that.

Energy efficiency

All UK office design companies will tell you the same thing; sustainability and energy efficiency will help you reduce cost and lessen your company’s carbon footprint. Many older offices are haemorrhaging money through inefficient office design, which allows heat and light to escape easily.

There are many simple ways to improve your office’s energy efficiency. Many of these aren’t expensive and will save your business a huge amount of money in the long run.

Create a culture

The likes of Google and AirBnB have created a culture around their office design. When you mention either of those companies and their workspace, immediately there is a picture of fun and innovation.

It is a culture that people want to be part of and those who already work there, want to stay in their position. There is no reason that your business cannot create a similar culture or one that suits your ideals.

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