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5 Maintenance Tips to Prevent Roof Damage

Before the colder, windy weather starts, you’ll want to ensure your residential roofing is in good condition to avoid any unexpected repairs or leaks. The first step is, of course, a visual inspection, and if you notice anything suspicious, you can also get an inspection done by a professional from a roofing company like Bondoc Roofing. This is especially important after a hailstorm when you need to determine if you need professional roof hail damage services. A Pottstown area roof repair expert can also come if you need further help.

According to places like divisionkangaroof.com, protecting and maintaining your roof can help to save you hundreds and also removes the stress of having to find someone to repair the damage. If the roof is left damaged, leaks can quickly cause more problems in the house – meaning it won’t just be the roof itself that needs fixing.

So rather than waiting for damage to occur, how can you prevent it from happening in the first place?

Here are five maintenance tips to save you money, time, and stress for the winter.

Tree maintenance

Keeping trees from the back or front yard trim can go a long way in protecting your roof. If you have trees whose branches hit the window or extend over the roof, they could lead to a pest infestation. Pests can easily burrow or tunnel into the home and cause all sorts of damage behind the scenes.

If you live in a state that’s prone to hurricanes, a snapped tree branch could do massive damage to your house if not secured.

Clean out the gutters

In the colder months, gutters can easily get blocked with leaves and debris. If you have a sloped roof, you should have no trouble with water drainage – that is, unless the gutters aren’t clean. Water can build up in the gutters if leaves and other debris stop it from traveling down the drains and it can even cause water damage to your roof. As a homeowner, you should schedule regular gutter cleaning – either by doing it yourself or calling in a professional. Visit Their Website here for additional guidance.

Your gutters should always be joined together with an airtight seal. When that is broken or damaged, you risk leaks and other damage. While you can perform the occasional repair, if you’re noticing frequent breaks in the seams between gutters, you should think about having new rain gutter installation.

Visually inspect the roof

Make sure there’s nothing currently on the roof that could cause damage in the long run. If you notice tiles are broken or branches have got stuck, it’s a good idea to call professional roofers to come and take a look.

Watch out for fire hazards

If you and the family enjoy decorating the roof during the holidays, be aware of using lights that might damage the roof. Make sure to connect lighting with gentle adhesive or tape to ensure it doesn’t damage the shingles. You should also aim any fireworks away from the house.

Replace tiles or shingles

As soon as you notice tiles or shingles missing from the roof, you should get them replaced with the help of a professional roof replacement in Poconos, PA. Shingles can loosen themselves in stormy weather or get damaged by falling debris. What’s more, a damaged tile could easily hurt someone if it unexpectedly falls from the roof.

Before tucking into the Fall festivities, it’s definitely important to start your house maintenance list – and that includes the roof. By ensuring there’s nothing currently at risk of causing damage, you’ll put yourself in a better position to enjoy the seasonal fun without having to factor in the cost of roof repairs. Remember, as the weather gets colder, heading onto the roof yourself could be incredibly dangerous, so it is always best to seek professional help from a commercial roofing contractor like the ones from companies like Four Seasons Kanga Roof if you do notice something not quite right or need a roof replacement. You may contact Brown Boys Roofing for professional roofing services.


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