4 Ways to Make House Moves Easier on Moving Day

The days and weeks leading up to the big house move are often one of the most stressful times for any homeowner to deal with, especially the very day of the move. The greatest fear that any homeowner has on moving day is that something, anything, will go wrong – maybe a piece of furniture breaks, a valuable fixture or decoration is lost, or worse yet, something happens that is completely beyond the control of both the homeowner and the movers. This can be devastating for homeowners who are moving house for the first time, having wasted all of that time spent on preparation.


So how does one go about preventing accidents like this from happening on your moving day? Read on for these 4 very useful tips.

Plan the schedule

As we will see throughout the rest of this article, planning is key to avoiding or otherwise preparing for unexpected events that could happen on the day of your move. One of the most important parts of the move that you should have planned out is the day of the move itself. It is not an uncommon occurrence for a moving day to go awry because the homeowner has an appointment or other commitment to fulfil on the same day. With that in mind, it would be a good idea for you to schedule your moving day at a time when you have no other commitments to deal with for a few days both before and after moving day. This will give you some much needed time to prepare both physically and mentally for the stresses of moving day, as well as give you enough time to unpack and settle into your new home once you have moved in.


Besides personal commitments, you would also want to look into the local weather forecasts for the day of the move, as rain has disrupted many a homeowner’s moving process. If your new location is a bit further away, you would want to make a note of the weather forecasts both for your current location as well as your new location to avoid getting drenched once you arrive at your new home.

Secure your destination

Another thing that can help reduce stress and hronic pains is CBD. It cab help new homeowners ease themselves and help focus on the process. If you want to try this method out, try delta 8 and see if it’s right for you. After that you need to make sure that the new home that you will be moving into is ready for all of the furniture, appliances, and other valuables that you will be bringing. There have been some cases of people moving apartments that have effectively become homeless as they have yet to secure their new location just as they leave their old apartment. In order to avoid this pitfall, do make sure to have all of the necessary transactions and paperwork completed well before your schedule your move.


Once that is done, you would also want to make sure that your new location doesn’t have any issues that may disrupt the move. This is especially important for locations that are already partially furnished or equipped with counters and other fixtures that are difficult to remove or replace. If this is the case, you would want to make all of the repairs and renovations that are needed before bringing in your own furnishings. A bit of tidying up would also go a long way to helping the movers avoid any accidents while bringing in larger appliances and furniture into the new location.

Know where you’re going

This tip might sound a bit unusual – and perhaps unnecessary – but it can be really helpful for your home movers if you are familiar with your new home. To be more specific, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the layout of your new house, making note of the size of rooms, hallways, and doorways, as well as paths in and around the house. Knowing this will help you and your movers to go about the new location more efficiently as the movers move your things into the house.

Pack everything

Obviously, moving all of your furniture into a new house requires that you pack everything; however, by “pack everything”, we mean to also pack some of the things that you might not think about packing, such as tables, chairs, media consoles, closets, cabinets, and other similar furniture. You will be doing your movers a favour by dismantling these large pieces of furniture, as they will be a lot easier to carry, not to mention that these smaller parts are much less likely to break on their own than they would have been when fully assembled.


Moving house is stressful – that we cannot deny. However, that doesn’t mean that they can be made less stressful. By following these 4 tips, you can make moving day easier for both you and local furniture removalists operating in Perth, allowing you to settle into your new home more quickly and with less worry.

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