What Makes A Good Shop Front?

A good showcase attracts the eye, makes a passer-by stop, tells a story and invites him to come into the store. Creating such a window is a challenge in itself, and no doubt it takes time and money. But what can you do to get a showcase to bring a customer to the store?


World-renowned trading houses such as John Lewis, Selfridges and Harrods are models and trendsetters in the shop window world. They create a spectacle and wow effect for the customer, which in itself already offers an impression and for which visitors come to the store.


The world-famous fashion chains use a large team to create original shop windows, and according to a single concept shop windows of chain stores look the same, representing the identity of the brand. Local small shops, moreover, should take cabinet design seriously and try to stand out among competitors.


Boring decisions


It is quite usual to see dim light in a showcase, dirty window glasses, dust at the exhibition, as well as boring sets and compositions on the window.


What do you need to do to change that? First of all, you need clean and good lighting, which is always directed accordingly to the exhibition. With the right lighting, you can add value to products by emphasizing or enhancing their natural color. For example, it is very easy to make fruits or confectionery products also appetizing and attractive if the right shade is applied to them.

Renovating your shop is a great way to improve customer experience. Start by renovating the exterior. You may begin with a new Commercial Overhead Door Installation. Then apply a new and appealing fresh coat of paint and brand a section of the wall with your restaurant signage.

Restaurants, candy stores, bakeries and pharmacies can also draw attention through the window. The Rukis café-bakery in the Old Town has done it very well. The composition is attractive and aimed at the passerby and fits into the interior of the cafe, creating a complete picture. If you’re planning to start a restaurant business, you may consider working with companies like BMarko Structures to build your restaurant using a shipping container instead of the traditional brick and mortar building.


Even if the shop does not have a shop window and there is a bid on the wide entrance, the exhibition in front of the door can play the role of a shop window. A good example is a pharmacy, where the exhibition is perfectly highlighted by well-directed spotlighting. The exhibition corresponds to the season and tells the story of summer, beach and vacation. It is important that the showcase is up to date and contains a product in which a person may lack exactly at the moment. If you’re not sure what it is exactly, you can always ask a professional like a product sourcing agent.


If the sales area has a spacious showcase, you should certainly use such a free advertising space. In such a pharmacy it was considered an insignificant idea of the shopping environment, which remains at the passerby. The exhibition is aimed at the customer who is in the store, not at the person passing by the window, who could become a visitor if he saw a well-lit range of goods and an exhibition with good offers. Even if he hadn’t come in today, he would have remembered the point of sale and could have come next time to look for a product. At the moment, the sales area remains invisible and does not tempt him to come in. Buying a vending machine and putting it in front of your store can also help you get access to a large potential customer base in an easy way. Contact a vending machine supplier perth now.


Influencing the customer, for example, with a discount coupon or Macys promo codes in the shop window, which can be taken without going into the store, is a very clever solution. More and more interactive solutions are used in shop windows, which allow to get more information without requiring the customer to visit the store. If possible, present your goods outside the store or address the customer with a mascot, a pleasant message outside the shop floor. Be brave and show your imagination.


It is important to find a theme and color composition for your showcase and thus try to create a story. A story that arouses the emotion of a passerby, amazes with creativity, attracts the eye and creates a desire to enter the store.

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