Unique Ways To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

While installing rooftop solar panels and replacing your thermostats with smarter models may be common ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, there are other options you might not have considered. Here are three additional ideas to implement to cut down on the cost of powering your house.

Go Solar (When Your Roof Isn’t an Option)

While getting off the municipal utility grid by powering your home with solar energy may be a top priority for you, if you’ve got challenging roof issues you know it’s not as easy to accomplish as you wish. From structural problems to poor sun exposure, your roof might not be an ideal candidate for housing the panels required to convert your home to solar. You can check out on this place to see what this team of experts can do on your roofing system so you can install a solar panel.

Fortunately, there are other options for harnessing the sun’s power on your property. By contacting an electrician to add wiring to outbuildings that are better suited to including solar panels, you can achieve your goal of flipping the switch on how you get your energy. From custom solar carports to covered patios to utility sheds, you can add structures to your property that are perfect for housing the panels you need for generating household electricity. Best of all, these buildings serve useful purposes beyond providing a space for solar panel installation. Also you can get a professional electrical contractor from reputable companies like Quality Electric Service to help you with the installation and electrical connection of these panels.

Install Radiant Floor Heating

According to this Fuel Delivery expert finding alternative warming options for your home during the frosty winter months is another unique way to reduce energy usage and improve efficiency. One idea is to install a radiant heating system, which supplies heat directly to your home’s flooring, reducing the need for duct- or radiator-based warming methods.

According to Balanced Heating & Air Conditioning, INC., if you have a traditional heating unit like a furnace, make sure that it gets regular furnace maintenance to maintain or improve its energy-efficiency. Those who need someone to conduct a furnace inspection in Dallas may hire the technicians from companies like Performance Air Conditioning. And if you are looking to replace your old furnace, then you may consider hiring Brooks Heating and Air : Furnace replacement service.

By eliminating the heat lost in the ducts of forced-air heating systems, radiant flooring requires less energy to warm your home. It’s also more effective than radiators because it better distributes warmth. Hydronic systems, which work by pumping heated water through tubing laid beneath floor coverings, are the most popular option. When paired with ceramic tile flooring, the warming effect of hydronic radiant flooring is significant.

Replace Your Windows and Curtains

It’s estimated that up to 30% of heating energy escapes through windows in the wintertime. Windows also allow around 75% of the sunlight hitting them to pass through, which raises summertime temperatures in most homes. If you’ve already replaced your windows with egress windows installation models that are more effective at managing your home’s heating and cooling, then taking additional measures will reduce the energy zap even further. If you’re wondering why your air conditioning isn’t cooling house, the first thing you should do is call an HVAC professional to check on your system. Visit Their Website here to find professional contractors that can help.

By swapping out your existing window coverings for thermal drapes or curtains, you’ll be establishing an even more effective barrier against the escape of heat in the winter and the entry of it in summer. Although once bland and utilitarian, today’s thermal drape options are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors to suit any taste, so you won’t have to sacrifice style to gain efficiency.

Seeking alternative solar installation options, adding radiant heating, and switching to thermal window coverings are outside-the-box ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Try one or more of these ideas and watch your utility bills decrease as your home’s heating and cooling efficiency increases.

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