TV Stands Buying Guide

Durability is probably your main concern when choosing a TV stand. TVs tend to be expensive and require careful handling. For some people, the television is their most prized possession. It is only understandable that durability is not compromised when choosing a TV stand, because your TV deserves only the best.

Even so, it does not mean there aren’t any cheap TV stands in the market which match up to more expensive ones in terms of durability. Your budget shouldn’t hinder you from choosing the perfect TV stand for your room.

Wooden corner TV stands go well with other furniture in the room. They also tend to be more durable and are timelessly beautiful. The designs with wooden TV stands are endless. They can be as simple as a table. Long, wooden tables leaning against the wall in your living room can have space for other things such as lamps, picture frames, décor, and books. Wooden TV stands can also be mounted, but be sure that it is stable, because TVs tend to be really heavy. This gives off a mix of modern and traditional vibe. Other designs can also spice up the theme of your room, such as TV stands which look like wooden crates, barrels, or even treasure chests. If you want a mix of modern with wooden TV stands, you can opt to choose those with metal or glass details,

Metal TV stands can be less durable, even though they are cheaper, because they can start to creak and be misaligned earlier. Metal TV stands are also commonly incorporated with wood, all  depending of the weight and size of the car, as you can go as big as 85 inch screens, and if you’re interested in this you should check these 85 inch tv reviews to find the perfect for you.

Glass TV stands are common and can look futuristic; however, careful handling is required because they may break easily. You may want a glass TV stand if you have a glass coffee table. This helps in coordination of living room furniture.If you don’t want to have an entirely glass TV stand but still want to have glass, you may have them as cover for wooden cabinets which can be incorporated in your TV stand.

If you’re a real rebel, you may choose to purchase a simple wall mount or Fireplace TV stands. This really is the epitome of minimalistic. Just because your TV is mounted to the wall does not mean you don’t need a TV stand. You may still opt to purchase one, and it can be used as décor or storage, especially for things like speakers, media players, remote control, and copies of films and CDs.

Dressers are also used as TV stand, especially for bedrooms, so if you want to save space and money, and still be creative and stylish, you may choose this to double the function. To double storage space and allow for creativity with rearrangement of things, you can opt to have a whole wall of shelves, with one giant shelf dedicated to the TV.

TV stands are not just simply tables, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have other functions. Maximizing space and use is one of the main goals of furniture, but there are a lot to choose from, so there is definitely room for creativity.

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