Trends in Low Impact Dental Office Design

Properly outfitted dental office or dental clinic is essential to the health and well-being of patients. A dentist’s office naturally has to have a lot of equipment, including x-ray machines, drills, and other equipment that aren’t necessarily low impact on the environment. Dental offices can have more success with dental industry HR support and dental software like Cloud 9 Software. This doesn’t mean revamping your dental office has to be an environmental nightmare. With today’s latest dental office interior design trends, you can provide your patients with optimal comfort and service while maintaining a minimal footprint. Here are a few trends that help you achieve your low impact office goals as a dentist:


Streamlined Sterilization Stations

Sterilizing instruments is central to providing safe treatment to dental patients. According to this Utah dentist, In many dentist’s offices, sterilization procedures aren’t efficient because there is no main area for sterilization of instruments, or the site isn’t in an easily accessible location. If your dental hygienists are frustrated by constantly running back and forth or having difficulty accessing sterilization areas, it’s time to consider a new floor plan.


Consolidating the sterilization area with a natural flow means having a space that naturally moves from unsterilized instruments to an area for sterile instruments so that employees always know where they need to go. Having one station rather than multiple stations also decreased environmental impact, as you aren’t wasting water and power on numerous small sterilization jobs. It’s more efficient to have one large area rather than two or three smaller ones, click here now for extra info.


Eco-Friendly, Attractive Lighting

Fluorescent lighting has several problems, including harsh light, buzzing sounds, and unattractive appearance. Switching to LED lighting will create a softer yet brighter light that isn’t harsh or intrusive while using less electricity. In order to keep you lighting system in check, it’s important to have a professional assisting you. For instance, a commercial lighting contractor like, who specialize in lighting design and the creation of professionally designed retail spaces.

LED lights also last longer than incandescent bulbs, so you’ll spend less time changing lights and more time focused on patients invisalign attachments.


Sensible Traffic Flow

Many of us can recall visiting a health clinic or dentist’s office that didn’t have a coherent traffic flow. You’ve walked out of an exam area or treatment room and been disoriented because the office layout is confusing. Perhaps you’ve gone down the wrong hallway or had to ask a nurse to point you in the direction of the exit. There’s no excuse for poor dental office design that requires your patients to navigate through a maze to get to their assigned treatment area, adding to their apprehension.


Optimal traffic flow in a dentist’s office should allow patients to move naturally from one area to the next along a one-way route rather than doubling back or searching for the right door or hallway. One-way, clear traffic flow saves time and reduces bottlenecks for both patients and employees, leading to reduced costs and improving the efficiency of care. At South Fork Dentistry, patients experience a relaxing dental environment.


When you’re ready to renovate your dental clinic, be sure to talk to someone familiar with the specific requirements of successful dental office design. Make sure they understand you are looking for a layout that is both patient-centric and low impact so they can transform your office into a cutting-edge dental destination for patients of all ages.


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