Tips on Space-saving Kids Room

The children’s room is an endless space for creativity. And the brand decided to help parents create a stylish designer interior that will definitely appeal to a child of any age. Professionals focus on practicality, functionality, and quality.

Dragonsofwaltonstreet experts tell us some tips on how to build such an interior in a nursery and preserve a useful space for play and relaxation.

Consider Storage Space

Wardrobes and other bulky furniture sets take much space in the room. However, some storage tricks and secrets come in handy here:

  • Children’s beds are usually equipped with boxes. Here, you can store toys, bedding, linen, or T-shirts alike.
  • Make the most of your vertical space. It is better to remove non-seasonal items and sports equipment on the mezzanine.
  • Combine practicality and utility. A portable baby bassinet can be used at home and when traveling. A comfortable children’s sofa can have a toy storage drawer inside. A toy chest can serve as a comfortable bench. Order a wall shelf in the shape of an airplane or a bedside table that turns out to be a dollhouse at the same time.

You can easily choose what your kids will like and what will perfectly fit into the design of the room.


Control the Space with Furniture

Arrange furniture around the perimeter of the room so that the center of the room remains free for games. If you need to share a room between two kids, use shelving to store toys and writing utensils. A bunk bed also helps to save space in a room for two children.

Customize the Room

You can customize your furniture and walls with hand-painted patterns inside the house. Correct color compositions give more than large-scale alterations. Personalized design interior will help to make the room individual, special, adjusted to personal interests and kid’s hobbies.


These tips will help you make your kid’s room comfortable and stylish, even if there is very little space in it. Don’t be afraid to involve the child in this process. In such a matter as decorating a nursery, there’s no better helper, advisor, and consultant than your own kid.


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