Tips for Selecting LVT Flooring

Vinyl tiles are a type of flooring made through an industrial process. They are an affordable alternative to stone and hardwood floors. Technology has made it possible for luxurious vinyl tiles to completely resemble wood, stone and ceramic tiles, giving a classy and realist look. They also have a protective layer that prevents the surface from getting scratches that result from daily wear and tear. While choosing the best tiles for your remodelling project, here are some points to consider.

Consider purpose

It is important to choose tiles that can withstand the work that will be done in that room. For instance, places with a lot of traffic will need a thicker and a denser floor with a wear layer of 20 millimetres. Also, install thicker vinyl floors in hallways and entrance areas of your home. Bathrooms and kitchens need waterproof floors. You need not worry because vinyl tiles are fully water-resistant.

Compare cost

The cost of vinyl tiles varies depending on the raw materials used in manufacturing. Preparing a budget prior to the purchasing process will help you to narrow down options to vinyl flooring tiles that you can afford. Remember that less costly tiles are not necessarily low-quality tiles.

Availability of materials

With different manufacturing companies producing luxury vinyl tiles, it is wise to research well on the specific material that you prefer and find out if it is available in the market. Involve a professional fabricator so as to enjoy choosing from a variety of high-quality vinyl tiles.

Quality of materials

LVTs made of virgin PVC are stronger and have better functionality compared to those made of recycled materials. Recycled materials may increase the risk of toxic substances as a result of the recycling process.

Room size

Having the exact measurements of the area will be important as you will only purchase enough tiles, saving you unwanted additional costs. It will also assist in estimating the total budget of the project.

Matching aesthetics

It is everyone’s desire to have a floor that compliments the colours and decor of their home or business premises. You will find vinyl flooring materials in almost all colours. If you are not good with colours, this can be very confusing. You can seek the advice of an interior designer or a family member who has this knowledge.

After choosing your preferred vinyl flooring materials, it is equally important to cautiously undertake the installation process. Hiring an installation company is the best choice you can make. They have professionals who are trained for this specific job. They have the skills and the specific tools they use to ensure they perfectly install the floor without any damage. Hopefully, these tips will be instrumental in assisting you to choose vinyl flooring materials for your dream home or business premises.

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